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Nextgen Paid Surveys Review

by David Harris

Nextgen Paid Surveys by Jason Webb, found at, is a survey portal that takes you to third-party sites to take their surveys, so you don’t actually get paid through “Nextgen Paid Surveys”.

They claim you will make $1,157 per week on average.

But the truth is that no survey company will ever pay that much to anyone in such a short time.

Especially since the surveys aren’t even their own.

You get paid through the other survey sites if you get as far as completing any.

Most surveys have demographic criteria so you may not qualify for some surveys.

When you have a system like Nextgen Paid Surveys has, getting paid for surveys taken can be very frustrating as most of their clients have minimum payouts starting at $25 to $50 bucks.

That means if you take a survey from one and no more for months, that payout will be sitting in your account on their site, not until you meet the minimum payout.

Nextgen Paid Surveys fails to tell you this upfront.

Most survey pay anywhere from .50 cents to $5 bucks, so it might take a long time to meet these minimums.

And it is a challenge to keep track of what surveys you’ve taken on which sites.

Nextgen Paid Surveys charges $27.95 to join so right there is a huge red flag.

Most survey portals are usually free to join even though their third party research companies may charge a fee themselves. You should not have to pay to take surveys.

Be careful of over positive hyped up fake reviews online about them because nearly all of them are written, poorly and sometimes unintelligibly in many cases, by affiliates trying to get you to sign up under them for a commission.

Also be careful of signing up with survey portals like Nextgen Paid Surveys because, since you take those surveys from other’s sites, you have to register with them, incurring the nightmare of a ton of spam from each one of them.

In fact, Nextgen Paid Surveys main goal is to gather as much of your personal info to sell to their third party clients.

And giving them your credit card number would be a grave mistake.

This is not a wise investment of your valuable time and money.

I do not recommend Nextgen Paid Surveys.

Thanks for reading the review

– David


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