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New Wealth Discovery Review

by David Harris

“New Wealth Discovery”, by Chris Jones and Chris Campbell and found at, is a multi-level marketing business venture that uses Empower Network as its main product vehicle to sell.

New Wealth Discovery is also known as Wealth Discovery and 3D Wealth Discovery. There are several caveats in this one besides being an MLM and being a part of Empower Network.

One, Chris Campbell is notorious as someone who has a less than savory reputation in this field with far too many complaints registered online to cover here.

Two, In his presentation in the New Wealth Discovery landing page video, Chris Jones is evasive and quite misleading in how commissions are structured.

He claims you will make 100% commission on your sales, but that is really deceptive misrepresentation. Truth is you only get that 100% on some of your sales. On some of your other sales, you make nothing.

Those commissions go straight up the line. Basically, you give away your 2nd, 4th, and 6th commissions, then every 5th after you first 6 sales. That does not add up to 100% in my calculator. There are more downsides.

This model includes those in your own downline. New Wealth Discovery is designed to affect all the sales that your people make.

This means that if your #2 salesperson makes 6 sales you will not get any commissions. Nor will you from you #4th, 6th, and so on.

Their system, iPas is a trademark of iPas, as is also Prosperity Formula, the mentoring program that New Wealth Discovery is trying to have you buy into.

New Wealth Discovery claims that you make thousands each week through their iPas system without selling anything or having any skills or experience at all.

I don’t doubt that some higher ups are doing just that, but the other 98% of the mlm, New Wealth Discovery, members may not be making anything close to that.

There is so much inaccurate hype in New Wealth Discovery’s video presentation that raises concerns.

Enough concerns to note and develop a mistrust of what the creators of New Wealth Discovery promise.

For one, comparing Empower Network to Apple Inc is ridiculous. Apple sells products people want.

EN only sells useless IM products but more specifically more EN recruitment memberships.

With all the hype on aggressive sales schemes and deceptive marketing ploys giving you a bad feeling right from the first video sales pitch you see on New Wealth Discovery, they are not starting on a good foot.

Don’t be fooled by the shill comments. They are directed towards EN, not New Wealth Discovery or the iPas deal, further obfuscated through clever editing. You never hear the product’s name anywhere in the comments.

What’s more is the fact that the 20 bucks to join does not stop there.

They will ‘recommend’, and I put it in quotes because they do more than recommend, that you buy the whole array of their products to make this thing work to earn commissions.

$5000 dollars later you will most likely shake your head in frustration and loss.

Your hope that you can at least break even depends on just how good your downline would be, and that’s a gamble, more than it is a scam, you won’t want to risk.

We at ScamXposer do not recommend mlm products, and it will be no different with New Wealth Discovery this time either. Pass on this.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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