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New Affiliate Cash System

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New Affiliate Cash System Review

by David Harris

“New Affiliate Cash System” by David Michael, found at, is an outdated old formula repackaged to appear as if it’s a new system for affiliate marketing online.

Like many of its counterparts, you will see the loud lure of easy money, along with photos of luxury homes and autos, and a lot of empty promises.

About the only thing it has going for ‘New Affiliate Cash System’ is that it is a Clickbank product.

So when you realize what a dog it is you will have absolutely no problem getting your money back within 60 days of your purchase.

You will want it back if you do try to get involved with the “New Affiliate Cash System”.

The several reasons I will describe here.

For starters, there’s the incredibly bad math the owner, David Michael lays out for you.

First, he says he wants to give away his products for free, this changes to a charge of almost $50 per month for it.

He then claims he made over $600k in about 3 months, but the wonky photos of his earnings show a much different reality.

Even with 1 or 2 grand a day which is miraculous, to say the least, it’s only about $90K to $180K for those 90 days, so I’d say his math comes up way short of his claim there.

If he really did make over $600,000 in that time with New Affiliate Cash System, he should have come up with much better fake income pictures of his Clickbank statements.

Like to the tune of almost $7,000 a day!

I’m sure if you fall for his ploy he’s got a bridge somewhere he can sell you real cheap.

Truth is that nobody with any sense is going to give up a real secret formula for only $47 a month that will make you over a couple of million dollars a year.

For one, if everybody jumped on it, he’d be out all that dough due to over saturating his own niche market.

Especially since all he’s offering is a free offers website system people have already worn out for years with little to no substantial success.

In fact, the only way he is really making any money is by selling this awful product to unsuspecting newcomers who fall for the shiny material goods like yachts and cars he says you’ll get just by using “New Affiliate Cash System”.

What he won’t ever tell you is that everybody and their uncle will have the same EXACT website replicas as you with duplicate content that we all know won’t work for anyone to get any traffic or rankings.

New Affiliate Cash System is a terrible product that is only saved from being called a scam because it does fall under the protection of Clickbank in terms of refunding your money.

Otherwise it has little to no redeeming qualities so we won’t be recommending it ever.

I do not recommend “New Affiliate Cash System”.

Thanks for reading the review

– David


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