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NetSpend Referral Program

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NetSpend Referral Program Review

by David Harris

“Netspend Referral Program” found at is a free referral program for the prepaid Netspend credit card system that will pay you $20 for each referral made that creates a free account and activates their new card along with paying you another $20 just for getting your own card and activating it.

This offer is only available to US residents.

If you’ve never made any money online before, you can start right now by getting a guaranteed $20 minimum from this and an opportunity to make $1,000s every month by referring this free offer to others.

There is no cost to join the NetSpend Referral Program, so this is a totally free income opportunity for you.

The first step to make money with this is to order your own card by going to

Make sure a referral code is on the sign up page when you’re filling in your info or else you won’t receive the $20 bonus, however, there should already be one there if you go straight there from

If for some reason there is no 10 digit referral code already on the sign up page, you can use this one to make sure you receive the $20 bonus to your card: 7099736580 .

Next, activate your new NetSpend Prepaid MasterCard card once you receive it in the mail in 7 to 10 days (sometimes sooner). Instructions for activating it are found on the card.

Next you will need to add at $40.00 to your new NetSpend Prepaid MasterCard account (This $40 is still yours, you’re not paying for anything, just loading your card with funds, like depositing money into your checking account).

You can add money by Direct Deposit, transfer it from one of your existing bank accounts, or simply deposit cash at any of over 90,000 loading locations like your local Walmart.

Once you’ve completed these simple steps, you will receive the $20 bonus directly into your NetSpend account.

The $60 ($40 you added plus the $20 bonus) is yours to spend right away as you see fit.

Every time you refer someone that follows those steps above, you will receive $20, but first you will need to get your own referral ID and referral web link.

To get your 10-digit NetSpend referrer ID number, login to your new NetSpend account you just created by going to and activate your referral code.

You will receive $20 each time you refer others that create an account and load their card.

This can turn into a full-time income as you refer others.

If you can refer 5 people a day that’s $100 per day, which could potentially become $3,000 per month in extra income for you.

Not only that, but when you initially sign up for your NetSpend MasterCard prepaid debit card you will instantly receive $20 extra when you first load $40 into the card after activating it.

The card is useful for those with good or bad credit or if they are unable to open a bank account, as there is no credit check and a 100% approval rate.

There’s also no minimum balance or upfront fees and the card is fully insured by FDIC.

Just make sure you generate your referrer’s link in order to make your referral fee from your referrals.

You also get free access to the back office dashboard provided by the NetSpend Referral Program.

The dashboard helps you manage your own people who sign up, tracking your income and bonuses as well as being able to generate online sales banners for advertising your Netspend referral link.

There are 3 options on promoting this, which include direct referrals, printout cards/sheets with your referrer code, or use the banner and referral ink through online advertising or your own posts on your social media sites.

Make sure to offer your customers the extra $20 on your ads not only for the initial card load but for every referral they bring in as well.

You can either use the money to shop using your card, transfer it to your own bank account or put it into your PayPal account.

Most referral programs require people to buy stuff in order for you to make money. This is a rare opportunity in that your referrals will not have to spend any money in order for you to earn commissions… this is huge! (The $40 that you load on your new card plus the $20 bonus can be spent right away, there truly is no upfront cost)

The NetSpend Referral Program claims there are referral agents who have been making up to $5,000 per month on a part-time basis.

Even if you decide not to follow through with the referral program, remember that you can still make $20 by getting your own card.

We strongly recommend you take advantage of the NetSpend Referral Program

Thanks for reading the review —

– David



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