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Nerium MLM Review

by David Harris

“Nerium”, by Jeff Olson and found at, is a Multi-Level Marketing scheme so rife with bad reputation I’m leading with that right away, but please read on to see why.

Besides the obvious cult-like comparisons found everywhere you look for Nerium, MLM is a risky venture, to say the least, and Nerium is as risky as they get.

The most controversial aspect of Nerium, however, deals with the actual product, or mystery of what the product really does?

Or more to the point, does not do.

The company releases little hard data on research.

I have not found anything other than shill ads from affiliates on the serious health and beauty sites.

Just because it has a nasty smell doesn’t mean it’s medicinal.

For a skincare product, it’s curious that properties of the plant have shown it’s a cell-killing poison.

Very few scientists even know about the MLM business, let alone results from any studies that Nerium claims they’ve done.

This review is not meant to cover that in-depth, as we at ScamXposer focus on whether it’s a decent online home business or not.

Suffice it to say, the product claims are questionable and many times, misleading.

Besides, many of our regular readers know by now, we tend to frown upon just about any multi-level marketing business opportunities, as most people but the top ones fail at it fairly rapidly.

Add to it all, the endless avalanche of complaints that fill the search engine pages seemingly ad infinitum.

This is something to mention, as most companies have in recent years learned how to scrub their online reputation through hackers.

It bears repeating that their press is so bad that no amount of hacker army could scrub Nerium’s bad marks clean in any length of time without a sizeable fortune earmarked for such a project.

Yet there’s a strange atmosphere of its affiliates defending Nerium right to the proverbial end like loyal joiners who have to have you join them upon pain of hostility if you don’t.

Most of them never last long.

As much as I’d want to call it a scam, it does provide some kind of snake oil product for sale in it’s traveling online medicine show.

Nerium is just not any kind of sound investment to get involved with at the bottom rung.

I definitely do not recommend it.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David



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I”m so concerned about this product, I have a friend ‘pushing’ me to the point I just don’t want to talk to her anymore. She sent me some ‘eye syrum’ that to me is BS .. it did NOTHING for me, and the photo’s that they post, are to me bogus. Photo’s are never equal lighting, never the same expression, or most likely photoshopped. They claim it’s PETA friendly but are they? I used to sell Artistry with Amway, at least they didn’t make these crazy claims. Nerium to me, is too pushy!! I just want to make money from my computer, period!! not into hounding people to join me for a business I’ll end up losing my friends, and for what!


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