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MyView – Business Review

MyView found at is a paid survey site in New York City owned by marketing research company Authentic Response. You must be at least thirteen years old to join for free to take surveys and participate in product testing.

They reward your time through points to redeem for Paypal, gift cards, charity donations, etc., and the option to enter their monthly Sweepstakes to try to win 10,000 reward points.

In order to get a $25 Amazon card you need to accrue 35,000 points. Since the average MyView paid surveys pay 1000 – 2000 points, this task will take much time.

That and it takes a couple of months before you are credited for a completed survey. They issue you a conformation code at the end of each finished survey to keep for your records and check earnings in your account.

Half the MyView surveys only count for sweepstakes entries. The ones that do pay are usually worth between fifty cents to a couple dollars. They may take between fifteen, if you don’t qualify, to thirty minutes to complete.

Gift cards not only take time to cash out but it takes a long time to receive them and sometimes they don’t work!

At least My View offers a hundred points if you can’t qualify for surveys you start. It’s only pennies but they might eventually add up since you may not qualify for several surveys they invite you to take.

I have concerns about numerous complaints of various types that don’t bolster my confidence in MyView. Some folks have had their accounts closed after earning up to a couple hundred dollars before they have the chance to cash out.

Some, whose accounts have been closed by My View, continue to receive surveys to complete long after getting shut down without notice. Others don’t receive confirmation codes after completing a survey.

The MyView incentives do not impress me, nor does the seemingly impossible long time it takes to reach the goal to redeem your points. After all, if you give My View your time, opinions and personal data, you ought to be able to make more than a dollar or two per hour.

This service is not very worthwhile. I can’t call MyView scam, but I can at least not recommend MyView to anyone looking to make a little extra for less time than it takes to earn with them.

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