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My Web Reward Surveys Review

by David Harris

My Web Reward Surveys, found at, is a survey portal website that takes you to their partners’ survey sites, which may pay you rewards points to take surveys and try offers.

Basically, My Web Reward Surveys is a kind of middleman for companies that advertise on their site in order to collect marketing research through consumer opinions.

Those who are willing to partake in survey or product trials can choose from the many market research companies that advertise on My Web Reward Surveys in return for points, gift cards, etc.

Paid out by the partners, not My Web Reward Surveys themselves.

All surveys have certain requirements to meet in order for you to qualify to take them.

Some of the criteria include demographics, annual income and other conditions that must be met for eligibility on any given study.

My Web Reward Surveys does not charge a fee to join.

However, be aware that most online survey companies and portals do sell your personal information data to third party clients for extra revenue.

They do not share that revenue with you.

You should also know that frequently you may be required to pay a nominal fee for the products you test on trial offers, which you will be charged for entirely if you don’t return the products before the return deadline.

Surveys offered on My Web Reward Surveys may take anywhere between to 15 to 30 minutes to complete and the notices of invitation usually come to your email.

There is no guarantee you will finish some or all surveys you take.

They can deem you as ineligible at any point during the survey.

That can be quite a waste of time just for points or gift card rewards.

Many times the payouts can take a considerable amount of time before you get paid for completed surveys.

Most of My Web Reward Surveys’ third party partners also set a minimum limit before you can cash out.

It takes considerable time to complete enough surveys from each different partner site you choose at My Web Reward Surveys, and each pay separately.

You may have to deal with separate minimum payout schedules, too.

That said, if you value your time over such small rewards you might obtain may not be worth it.

Some folks enjoy this pastime as a hobby like sudoku or crosswords but I don’t recommend My Web Reward Surveys because there is no real way you’ll make any substantial money.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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