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My Middleman Success Plan

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My Middleman Success Plan

by David Harris

“My Middleman Success Plan”, found at, is a marketing system used in promoting, specifically for distributors trying to recruit more downline people to a Multi-Level Marketing venture called Vemma.

My Middleman Success Plan is a rather risky venture when you consider Vemma has had more than their share of bad press, unhappy customers and recently, sanctions in European countries that have deemed it a pyramid scheme.

Not only has Vemma been sanctioned but they were fined steep amounts in the government rulings. For example, Italy fined them 100,000 Euros.

The MLM that My Middleman Success Plan represents, Vemma, features a line of energy and nutritional supplement drinks, and there is doubt as to the effectiveness of their products.

There is a large amount of people who say the price is cost prohibitive. After looking into it I can say I’ve seen similar products in the stores that go for far cheaper.

My Middleman Success Plan does not really show you the best way on how to make good money working from home.

Once you join, you get your own site page, contact with a “coach”, and some of Vemma products. It costs $300 to get started with their basic package and they use a team based MLM system

The main issues I have with My Middleman Success Plan are: on top of paying for their system, you will also have to join and pay into Vemma; but the most annoying one is that they say on the front page you only have a one time charge.

However, if you look at the statement on the buy page there’s a fine print clause that says you will continue to be billed monthly charges.

You will also have to buy their products, and that start anywhere from $150 to $600 depending on how much you want to invest.

My Middleman Success Plan employs an online trick of scrubbing their bad press from the top pages of the search engines.

They do this by flooding Google and others with pages and fake review sites filled with nonsense content that is designed to keep you from finding complaints and other negative things about them.

My Middleman Success Plan’s own first page is uninformative as to what their website is about. It’s among one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

If you do happen to join, the so called My Middleman Success Plan “distributors” (a misnomer for recruiters) and coaches are aggressive and will do whatever they have to do to get you to spend more of your money.

They will also tell you to get your downline to do so as well, risking alienating your family and friends.

My Middleman Success Plan downline reps end up spending thousands never to see any profits. Many of them do not even reach a break even point.

This is one of the reasons we here at ScamXposer do not recommend multi level marketing opportunities, because there is a 97% to 99% percent failure factor.

Most of the time, people on the bottom rung of My Middleman Success Plan will end up with a storage room full of drinks you can’t even give away.

Incidentally, our consumer protection government agencies previously investigated the owner, Boreyko, for unproven claims that his products are medicinal cures.

Vemma’s strategy entails going after the young market of unsuspecting kids. Often, they are told it’s a job offer, and then comes the bait and switch when they are told they must buy the product to sell it and recruit others.

The expenses with My Middleman Success Plan do not include the extras that you have to spend for your own overhead, advertisement and more.

These are things which most people can’t afford, yet My Middleman Success Plan fails to inform you of them, and that is also another reason why we inform you to steer clear of them.

I cannot stress enough that getting involved with My Middleman Success Plan will only leave you broke and frustrated.

Thanks for reading

– David


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