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Multiple Streams of Income

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Multiple Streams of Income Review

by David Harris

Robert G. Allen has been around for quite some time and so has his system, Multiple Streams of Income located at

He first was established as an authority in the real estate world with his book “Nothing Down.”

Since then he has created many books such as, “The Road To Wealth”, “Creating Wealth: Retire in 10 Years – How Ordinary People Make Extraordinary Money Online”, and also co-wrote “The 1 Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth.”

However, Robert is not just an Internet marketer he has also been featured in “Readers Digest”, The Wall Street Journal”, and also “Newsweek”.

He has even made special appearances on Good Morning America and Larry King Live.

Most people that have gone through his system hate it.

Wealth seekers are reporting that Robert Allen’s program takes the reader for-granted.

For example, he suggests that everyone uses an opt-in form in their online campaigns, which don’t get me wrong is suggested in Internet marketing.

These lists do take years upon years to build in order to make a substantial amount of income from them.

Also, another common complaint about this program is that he claims “distressed sales” exist.

However, people have been bashing him about how insanely hard it is to make distressed sales.

Even farther fetched, these methods all look good on paper, but realistically they are impractical and leaving people scratching their heads wondering what to do next.

As if the aforementioned problems aren’t enough, get this, he actually filed for bankruptcy when his angry customers requested refunds.

Furthermore, he’s under the microscope of the IRS for unlawful business practices.

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