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Multiple Streams Machine

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Multiple Streams Machine

by David Harris

Multiple Streams Machine, found at, is the absolute best step-by-step, “color by numbers”, most profitable home based business I have ever seen in my 18 plus years of Internet marketing and working from home full-time.

Multiple Streams Machine Highlights:

It’s free to join.
It’s free to do everything you need to do AFTER you join.
It’s free to everyone that you refer this to.
It’s free to advertise this with millions of people to market this to.
Zero reasons not to join this free program because its 100% FREE and it works!
Top marketers can potentially earn $10,000+ per week (yes, week) with this.

Firstly, I must say that I am 100% biased to Multiple Streams Machine because my business partner and I put this system together ourselves (making this awesome system was definitely not free for us to do).

Yes, we’ve created the #1 income opportunity on the Internet that no one has heard of yet. This brand new income opportunity has huge upside.

This business opportunity is exactly what everyone is looking for, they just don’t know it yet. Now you’re in a position to be able to fix that problem of them trying to find something that actually works.

What are people really looking for in an income opportunity from home?


Yup, the income opportunity has to be free.

Not just free to join the program and then have to pay for a bunch of stuff inside right after, I’m talking about 100% free, from right to left, top to bottom, beginning to end.

The activity being done that will make you money from within this system is free to join and participate in.

You’re probably thinking to yourself now… “how in the world can you possibly make any money from something that is 100% totally free? That doesn’t make any sense…”.

“Doesn’t someone have to BUY something in order for me to make money?”.

“After all isn’t $0 + $0 = $0 …?”.

“So where is the money really coming from and how does that turn into an income source for me?”.

There are 2 100% free businesses that we are working with within Multiple Streams Machine.

Here’s the details on the first business we are working with…

To explain how this first business works, I have to explain how a new industry got started about 10 years ago.

Let me ask you a question… when was the last time you actually sat through an entire TV commercial?

If you’re like most people, it’s been many, many years. Me personally, it’s been about 10 years.

Unless it’s the Super Bowl or some other major live TV event, people just don’t watch TV commercials any more.

And even then, when a commercial comes on, it’s time to go to the kitchen or bathroom.

Ever since the invention of TIVO and TV recording systems like it, people have fast forwarded through commercials to quickly get back to the show they were watching.

Very rarely do people watch live TV anymore.

Nowadays most people are simply streaming their TV so there aren’t even any commercials to fast forward through anymore anyway.

What do you think this has done to the conversion rates for those same commercials that used to work so well for big companies paying big bucks on all that TV advertising years and years ago?


Now major corporations have to look to other venues to advertise their products and services.

One major venue for these big corporations to spend their advertising budget dollars on is with a marketing method called “free trial offers”. I’m sure you’ve either tried these yourself or have at least seen these in the past at some point in time.

Since these major corporations are no longer spending the billions they used to on TV commercials, they now have to spend their huge advertising budgets in less obvious places like free trial offers.

A free trial offer is just that, you try a product or service for a predetermined period of time for free (like 15 or 30 days) and if you don’t want to keep it, you cancel and your credit card is never charged. If you did happen to like the product or service, your card would be charged and the company now has a new paying customer.

These “new paying customers” is why these companies are willing to spend billions marketing with Free Trial Offer companies. Even if the trial is cancelled, that person is a potential customer for other products they may have available in the future (this is also very valuable to those companies).

This has opened up a huge income opportunity for us.

We can get paid every time someone does a free trial offer that costs them absolutely nothing.

There are many free trial offer networks, but only a few work well for our purposes.

We have picked the best of the best, the highest paying one of all for our team.

This free trial offer network is where we will be getting paid from.

After you join said free trial offer network, you will need to “qualify” your new account so you can be in a position to earn from your referrals.

This requires that you pick a handful of free trial offers to do yourself to get “credits” that add up to the same amount that you can earn yourself from the team you build. Once you have your credits, you no longer need to get any more, you’re done. (fully explained in detail inside Multiple Streams Machine)

This part (qualifying) is NOT how you make money, it only “qualifies” your account so you then can earn on what your referrals do. (This is far easier than it sounds and can be done very quickly.)

After this, every time you enroll a new member into the network (Not MLM… really) you have the potential to earn $50 or more per person. (This adds up very fast).

So, this is how the process works…

Join Multiple Streams Machine for free.

Join our hand-picked free trial offer company for free.

Choose several free trial offers to “qualify” your account so you are in a position to earn money yourself. Any trial offers you don’t want to keep are cancelled before the trial ends. Cancelled offers = $0 spent = free. If you do want to keep a product or service, that of course won’t be free and would be 100% optional, definitely NOT required for us to make money with this.

Refer others to Multiple Streams Machine where they will also join this network from inside.

When your referrals join this free trial offer company and complete offers to qualify their own accounts as you did, you get paid for all the credits they attained, making you an average of $50 per person!

Keep in mind, you will NOT be promoting these free trial offers or the offer companies DIRECTLY, but rather through the Multiple Streams Machine marketing system as 1 step in the process. From the outside, people will only see Multiple Streams Machine and never the free trial offers. Out of context, it may be confusing to some, but that is not an issue because everything will be started from within Multiple Streams Machine.

This is a very important distinction because your “job” is NOT to “sell” people on the “idea” of completing free trial offers, but rather on the “idea” of joining a completely FREE income opportunity that is Multiple Streams Machine!

That was business #1. Business #2 is far easier to explain…

Business #2 is a debit card referral program that pays BIG.

So you… join Multiple Streams Machine for free.

Join debit card company for free.

Request free debit card.

Get debit card in the mail.

Deposit $40 onto your new debit card (just like transferring funds from your savings account to your checking account, the money is still yours, you didn’t buy anything).

The debit card company will pay the referrer $20 and company will ALSO pay you $20! ($40 paid in total)

You will now have $60 in your debit card account for you to spend as you see fit.
You could even go straight to any ATM machine and pull all $60 out right after funding.

So, from these totally free programs you will earn $50 per free trial offer member and $20 per debit card member that’s funded from your referrals.

$70 per member you refer to Multiple Streams Machine for free that you nor your referrals had to pay anything to join or participate in.

If you have not been online for long, the magnitude of this all may be lost on you. But, to find 1, let alone 2, COMPLETELY FREE programs that generate any kind of revenue at all to use in this manner is unheard of!

Yes, completely free programs that actually pay long term are extremely rare, how rare? There are only 2 and you just heard about them. If there were any others that paid long term we would already know about them and we would have that here as well. By long term, I mean, no limits on earnings. There are a few other free programs that pay, but they have caps on what can be earned yearly or even ever from referring others.

Suffice to say, if it existed, we likely already know about it. If you happen upon a total free program without earning limits and is incentivized traffic friendly, let us know, we’ll add it to Multiple Streams Machine, heck, I’ll even pay you a $250 cash finders fee to your PayPal if we can use it.

On top of those 2 free programs, there are also other OPTIONAL paid income opportunity programs that feature RESIDUAL income that you can earn way, WAY more money with than with the free programs alone. These optional programs are very inexpensive (for example, the first optional one costs just $12 per month).

The free programs gets your referrals in the door, then the system will direct your new members to upgrade to the paid programs with the money they’ve earned from the first 2 free programs (don’t forget that everyone will make at least $20 with the 2nd free program that they can use towards this). The best of both worlds!

If you are not beside yourself with excitement yet, you either no longer have a pulse or you still don’t understand what was explained above. I can’t help you with the first one, but all the information on how all this works you could possibly ask for is inside the free system.

If you need another reason to join… you will get extensive internet marketing training for free in your Multiple Streams Machine member backoffice that will show you how to get huge amounts of free and paid income opportunity seeker traffic that you can use for this or anything else you so choose.

Join this free program right now and get to making some money!

You’re welcome.

You guys are awesome, thanks for reading all the way through to the end.

Go here to join me in Multiple Streams Machine


– David


Multiple Streams Machine  

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