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MTTB System Review

by David Harris

“MTTB System”, also known as “My Top Tier Business”, is an internet marketing site that many find to be questionable.

Lloyd’s previous system called MOBE got a ton of bad reviews as well, so his reputation already has a bad mark.

MTTB System proves to be just as awful. MOBE has received the worst ratings possible online by many who have tried and failed at it.

Most people thought of it as a scam despite the potential it may have had.

It’s a 21 step program designed to help you promote Matt Loyd’s main product, MOBE, which stands for My Online Business Empire.

The MTTB System program is designed for beginners and takes them through the process of becoming successful as a MOBE affiliate.

However, the up-sells are a big problem as they are extremely expensive.

If you purchase everything available, it would end up costing you $20,000 or more including monthly charges too, and in our book, that is unacceptable.

In MTTB System’s case, as you go through the 21 step course, eventually you will hit a point where you will be “asked” to buy an up-sell of $1,997.

Their boiler room salespeople are very good at pitching the up-sells. They wear down many, so they are making a lot of money.

The MTTB System up-sell, however, is optional.

You can make smaller commissions just referring people into the regular MOBE/ MTTB System program.

The allure that you can make so much more money by buying the high priced products is the main reason people go for it and lose big.

I am strongly opposed to the approach MTTB System is taking to get people to buy their products.

I find it untruthful and wrong because you aren’t told about these up-sells until you join for the low cost.

In my opinion MTTB System, and the fact that it’s connected to MOBE, is already a major red flag to watch out for, but the expensive up-sells add to the horror.

To date, I have never seen a program charge so much.

I don’t think the MTTB System training is worth the price either because you can find much better training for far less in legitimate places like this.

There are also issues with refunds.

Technically on the MTTB System sales page, Matt says if you don’t make a sale within the first 30 days of trying the 21 step program, he’ll give you $500.

His main reason for this policy was because he didn’t want people “abusing” the $500 claim, which technically makes sense to me.

Trying to prove that I followed the 21 steps became rather difficult.

The answer is I couldn’t and I ended up having refund issues here.

I believe MOBE is a massively bad ‘you know what’ scheme and MTTB System is connected to it.

You aren’t told about the high priced up-sells until you enter the members’ area.

Membership is not free and you need to pay $49.

In order to make the high commissions, you need to pay for the initial fee first.

Most if not all of the training within MTTB System & MOBE revolves around showing you how to make money with these programs by promoting them.

Once you learn how to do it, you are going to get others into the same system that will then have to repeat the same things you did.

Whenever I promote a program or product to people, I consider customer satisfaction a top priority.

I just don’t feel that is the case with MTTB System or MOBE, therefore, I do not recommend the MTTB System.

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21 Comments/Reviews

Thanks God, I read this blog.I was deciding to pay for the initial fee worth $49 but on second thoughts i search for any reviews or evidence if MTTB is Legit.. Glad I’ve read this. Thank you for sharing David.

I got stung by them at a vulnerable time in life, though thankfully not a badly taken as some. The psychological manipulation is intense, reminds me of old time debt collector call centers. First person really nice, talking about the deer outside her windows (likely all staged conversation). Then she connects me with Coach 1, who soon says you’re ready for Coach 2, our million $ earner or something like that. Due to scheduling confusion and timezone differences, I missed first call with Coach 2. Coach 1 contacts me, scolds me for wasting this $$$ seller’s valuable time. Then Coach 2 played mean cop when I pondered a question out loud our first call. Who belittles their customers like that? It’s all set up to find your weakness and pull upon it. When I couldn’t pay for the package, they told me they would finance. The finance guy then tries to get me to sign over rights for him to send out 6-10 credit card applications on my behalf until there’s enough credit to buy mobe. At that point every call with coach was to read another book (which you’re to buy via a link on his email, meaning he’s making a %), and did you talk to the lender. I blocked them from my phone, from my email, from my skype. Note: just try to find any of these for sale in the secondary market, i.e., ebay, etc. They make you sign an agreement not to share their copyrighted materials. gangsta and all done from outside US so they don’t answer to US law.

bel abolade on :

it’s kind of too late reading this cos I av already paid $49.
i am an undergraduate student sponsoring myself so i need a financial liberty of which I thought mobe will help me.
the issue now is can I request for the refund of my money?

Thank you for the review!

I have an experience with the same kind of program: the first membership fee is ver low. It’s meaning seem to get people trapped and to sign in. Then, you get couple of lessons, and for to go forward you should pay much more… and then much more… and finally, the payment is about 10 000!

Well, because this program “smelled” like the other one, I decided to find out information – and here I got it!
I advise you never to trust programs that don’t charge a reasonable price. $49 is too low. The best affiliate programs that I have taken, charge about $1000 and it can be paid normally in parts. And then you get what they promise without that after every step there comes some extra payments!

Too cheap is always too cheap and you can guess, that if the payment is this low, there is something extra lurking behind the corner!

Maybe, it is not a scam, but not very honest business either. Thos who continue and accept to pay more and more, perhaps also earn something, too, with their risk.

Thank you David. I hadn’t paid any money yet but attended the free seminar, got the book, and signed up for the 21 step for free. I just got an email from my coach with details for the site log in etc and when I went to find it, yours came up. Cheers. I will pull out before it goes any further.

Mary McKenna on :

Thanks for posting this info. I was going to pay the $49 fee, but realize it is all just a big scam

So Glad I came across this review!! I was about to opt in after watching a webinar from one of the affiliates but thought to do my research first. Thank you for saving me $49!

Magic Kingdom on :

OK, this program is not soo bad. Trust me, these people will burn in hell. Hopefully the darkest pit of hell. So, we all have our experiences. But the really weird thing that I don’t understand, is being able to communicate with your “COACH”. A coach is there to help you all the way, and and all the questions you have. My question to my coach, “Have you really applied this system before?” Coach: I decided to go for the big bucks program and became an affiliate marketer. OK, that’s a No, question two, so you have made a bad decision and want me to finance your bad decision by also making a bad decision. Coach: No No, believe me, I love helping people succeed, that’s why I’m a coach. In that case, why did it take you 4 days to respond back. Coach: I have family and my daughter and, and. We all have family. You have 2 kids, I have full-time job, part time school, and 7kids and a wife, 3 dogs, and 5 cats. I’m pretty sure I was able to make time to call you. The people and the system contradicts itself. Don’t do it. $500 went down the lieing dirty skums. Believe me, these guys want to train you to go against your morals. My morals are worth more than $500. How about you?

I did fall in hook-line-and-sinker for MOBE/MTTB!! I was so stupid. I lost 5000.00!! made 175.00 DO NOT do it! it is a MLB don’t care what they say. the only guy making money is Matt at the top and a guy in Canada (untapped market) so sad. lesson learned!!

I came upon this site as I was about to sign up for a seminar conducted by MOBE. I’m glad I did — you have spared me not just money but my time. Thank you.

Hi, I am from Singapore and they gave just started to recruit people to attend I have signed up but decided to research on it. Thank you so much for posting this. I think you have saved so many people so much money and savings. Thank you;

Thank you, David, May ALLAH bless you for saving people to get bankrupt by posting this review. I was just to Pay $49 for signing in.Thanks to ALLAH who saved me, by coming across your review. Thanks again. God bless you.

Hello David, and I first want to thank you for posting this article on MOBE. I had just completed Step 5 and then the sales started to hit. Your right, first they want you to buy a software set for $2,495 and they will “give” you a full marketing package for FREE! I had a gut feeling when I hit step 5 that this company was all about fueling their needs, not about educating new affiliates or consultants as they refer to themselves. The talk is all Hype and vapor and definitely an illusion. I venture to say this company will either be shut down or out of business within the year. I would define these characters as fast hustlers who just attempt to get your money, which is how they make their money. If you look at the people many of them are shady looking including the so called coaches. So, thanks for posting the article it saved me much aggravation and time.

Fortunately, I came to your page when I was about I click away from filling out the MTTB application, I feel lucky
and am thankful to you for your efforts. Thanks David

Hi Dee I actually just joined and while viewing step 2 video I was getting a feeling that I was going to pay a lot more thank god I googled mobe scam. I am going to call for a refund tommorrow

I started the MOBE 21 steps, the reason I started is because they provided a mentoring program and they had a sales team but I learnt they are just sales people try to manipulate you to giving them money. I found that they did not give you access to the 21 steps, you had to do the course 2 modules at a time, then report to you coach which you just repeated what you learnt. I did not receive any info out of the coaches, they where their to extract money out of you I paid them for Silver team Gold team, and then went up to lesson 20, my coached asked me for 9k & 16k, I realised that theses people will always tell me that I need more and more lessons & training this is
a never ending money Pitt that will make me bankrupt. I got this gut feeling and I started to do internet
research. I also thought it’s not logical to give money to someone/businessI never meet them or that’s not even
American or Australian company If i give them 60k how do I get my money back. Also the cars they drive are
all leased so at the end no one owns anything. I thought I want to make money not give my money away. The last few weeks I learnt for $50 dollars on Udemy how to do Solo ads and Network advertising. What I did learn
from doing a course from Udemy is all about testing to see what works best in a campaign then scale it what works. There no magic pill or Company that will make you wealthy.

MOBE really plays on beginners as if they where an ATM by filling their heads with fairy tail dreams. Then the beginners have to use their money to bring leads, That’s how MOBE make their money. The more I think about it it’s like a Ponzi scheme.

Dan Doyle on :

MTTB is a SICK organization. Just look at the loser posse that this creep assembles to lead to financial slaughter. They claim to have impeccable character. With whom ??? Al Capone ?????

Lisa Stephenson on :

You are so right about MOBE. My husband got involved with it a few months ago without my knowing about it. He’s “invested” about $30,000 US that I know of. That’s nearly all of our money. When I try to talk to him about Matt Lloyd and the group, my husband gets very defensive and refuses to hear reason. It’s as if he is in a financial cult.

Thanks a lot for posting the review. I was thinking to register but after reading this I just want to thank god. That he saved me from this MTTB. Its clear that it is a scam.

Unfortunately I read your review too late since I already paid the $49.00 processing fee. At this point I will have to chalk it up as a lost after reading this review. I will not be moving forward with the 21 steps since it eventually will request additional money invested. Thank you David for this review, I just wish I had read it first. This will help someone else I am sure.


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