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by David Harris

Memolink is an online rewards company that started its online program in 1998. 

It is free to join Memolink, and you will be rewarded points for doing such things as completing surveys, reading emails, shopping online, and visiting websites.

You can choose to get paid in a variety of ways, such as receiving cash or gift cards or giving to charity.  The basic points for cash structure are $10 for 19,200 points or $100 for 163,200 points. 

There are also other program benefits like getting coupon codes you can redeem when shopping online at major stores, and extra points for referring people to the company.

But it takes a lot of time to not only reach your minimum point level needed to get your cash reward but in many cases also to get paid once you reach that number. 

There seem to be many cases of members waiting years – not just months – to get paid. 

Those seem to be the two main complaints from those who have joined this popular program.

A possible good thing about Memolink for some people, though, is the fact they, in essence, get paid to shop as opposed to only having the option of filling out surveys in some survey-only companies. 

For some who enjoy shopping online anyway, the fact it pays little and sometimes takes a long time to get any reward doesn’t deter them from wanting to do it.

There is the satisfaction for some in just doing what they normally would do online – though they’d have to do it from the Memolink site of course – and watching their “number go up”, even if that number represents a very small payout.

I’d compare it to seeing your “reward points” accumulate by using your grocery store’s card over time. 

I got a “$10 of free groceries” certificate myself awhile back, and if felt more fun for some reason than earning ten bucks at work. 

I didn’t know it was coming, so it was a nice bonus.

I do think that trying to complete all your requirements at Memolink, seeing your number reach the level you were shooting for, and then having to wait months or years to have it actually turn into real money would indeed be frustrating. 

Perhaps Memolink will work out the glitches at some point and become more consistently dependable.

But again, even if they do, the small amount of money you make with Memolink and the time it takes to make/receive it make it hard to give a glowing recommendation. 

It’s not a scam and it can be fun for some, but if you’re looking to make money there are certainly better-paying avenues and faster means of doing so.

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