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Megans Income Challenge

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Megans 90 Day Income Challenge

by David Harris

“Megans 90 Day Income Challenge”, by Megan Fitzpatrick and found at, is a highly questionable “work at home opportunity” that claims the owner made over $250,000 last year using this online marketing system.

I’m starting with the fact that I rarely mention Better Business Bureau ratings, but when a business like Megans 90 Day Income Challenge is this bad and enjoys an F rating I figured it was worth mentioning.

Megan Fitzpatrick claims you will make money in about 3 months with her 3 step program: sign up, get your work at home kit, and follow the instructions for making money online.

Megans 90 Day Income Challenge also claims you’ll make an extra $500 to $5000 each month without paying her for it, but that is not the case at all.

Megans 90 Day Income Challenge is not free, as you will see in a moment.

After a while, the video presentation will finally hint at Online Business Systems as the method of earning money online with Megans 90 Day Income Challenge.

Online Business Systems is actually one of many multi-level marketing ventures that pushes Herbalife.

So, Megans 90 Day Income Challenge is basically mlm twice warmed over.

Herbalife has had it’s share of controversy and we as a general rule do not recommend mlm.

All that Megans 90 Day Income Challenge amounts to being is a downline to another downline business for it.

We reviewed them, too, but we did not give it a glowing review. For more in depth info on both Herbalife and Online Business Systems please read our reviews of them.

I effect you would be a super low man or woman on a very tall totem pole. Your job would be to recruit others to be even lower than you. Why would they do that if they can go right to the source?

Granted, you can go ahead and sell the Herbalife products if you want, but commissions with Megans 90 Day Income Challenge would be lower than if you go with the source, and you can make more from your recuits’ sales with them too.

However, you should know that only on or two percent of any multi-level marketing ventures ever make any real money at it.

In fact, most spend so much on products and advertising/promotions that they rarely ever break even, and as I previously stated, Megans 90 Day Income Challenge is not free.

You have to pay ten bucks shipping for the Megans 90 Day Income Challenge kit, and if you don’t return it and cancel in the 14 day trial, then they start billing you about forty bucks monthly without your consent.

The Megans 90 Day Income Challenge kit arrives at least 3 days after you order it, so those days are wasted, leaving you 11 days. There’s not much you can do in that time.

Aside from having found a multitude of complaints about Megans 90 Day Income Challenge, it is an mlm, so you are correct if you’re thinking we will not recommend this product.

Thanks for reading

– David


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