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Make Money Hack

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Make Money Hack

by David Harris

Make Money Hack, found at, is the best step-by-step, most profitable home based business I’ve come across.

Make Money Hack is making average people, just like you and me, a very sizable monthly income, starting the very first month in business.

The biggest issue I have seen with people being successful with Internet income opportunities is the difficulty with getting quality leads that convert into sales.

This program has very high quality leads that convert which you can get at a very low lost as well as free leads you can easily generate yourself from what you learn from within the system, either way, you are set up for success from the very beginning.

You can stop chasing those “shiny objects”, jumping from one “hopeful” income opportunity program to the next in search of the “it” business you’ve been looking for. I’ve found that “it” business for you.

The first and most important thing you need in an “it” business is “leverage”.

Without leverage, you are doing everything yourself. Although you have a business, you have essentially created a “job” for yourself.

You are swapping your time for money, your income is capped by the number of hours you can work in a day.

You can never become wealthy doing anything without leverage.

Now, on the internet, specifically with internet income opportunities, you hear about leverage all the time from those in Network Marketing businesses, especially from MLM or Multi-Level Marketing businesses.

I do not like MLM / Multi-Level Marketing nor do I ever recommend anyone get involved in an MLM business. I’m not even taking about illegal pyramid schemes, but rather legal MLM / Multi-Level Marketing businesses with real, viable products that I adamantly do not recommend.

All MLM / Multi-Level Marketing businesses are a form Network Marketing, but not all Network Marketing businesses are MLM / Multi-Level Marketing.

There are Network Marketing businesses that have compensation plans where they have no levels at all and have completely different compensation structures than the downline leveled types that you are probably used to seeing.

Terms like recruiting, referring and inviting are all commonly used to describe the process of building a team where one can create leverage from the work of others in your downline, yet this rarely, if ever, happens for the average person that starts up with a MLM or Multi-Level Marketing business.

Herein lies the problem with your garden variety MLM / Multi-Level Marketing business…

Only the top 5% of any given MLM company are making any kind of substantial money and the remaining 95% are fueling those stated 5% “top earners”.

With most of these businesses you have to sell others on the idea of having to wait months if not years before they see any substantial income, if ever, from the hard work they put into building their business.

New members sign up, get on a monthly auto-ship plan, struggle to recruit enough members to pay for their monthly auto-ship fees and anywhere from 1 to 6 months later, they will quit to go chase the next “shiny object”.

This revolving door of new people is how the 5% make their money. Basically they are making their fortune on the misfortune of others. Some of those members that quit the income opportunity side will continue to stay as customers of those MLMs, making the 5% even more. Yes… it is sickening.

There are many other reasons not to have anything to do with an MLM, but this should suffice for our purposes here.

MLM is simply no way to do business in my book.

The compensation plan is absolutely everything.

It doesn’t matter how great your product is (even if you were selling the cure for cancer) if it takes too long to earn a substantial income from selling it through an archaic MLM / Multi-Level Marketing compensation model that is designed to only reward the very top earners and the company itself.

On the flip side of that, there are the rare few Network Marketing businesses that have far superior compensation plans to the out-dated MLM model.

One popular non-MLM compensation method was by way of the “Pass Up”.

A 1up or 2up or many an “Up” variation thereof.

Unfortunately, the “Pass Up” model is also where all of these very high dollar Network Marketing programs came from. Costing anywhere from $3,500 to $30,000 and beyond for a digital product package of some kind.

The reality of these programs is that no one in their right mind would ever pay $30,000 for an Internet marketing course if there was no way to make money directly from reselling it themselves. These people are not paying $30,000 because the material it contains is that good, but rather because they are then in a position to earn $30,000 from marketing the over price digital product packages to others.

The danger here is that these extremely expensive programs are very difficult to find customers for and to justify the huge expense and risk associated with it.

…and no… it is NOT just as easy to sell a $30,000 product as it is a $100 product as many will try to have you believe!

Therefore, those over-priced programs are nothing more than “money games”.

That also is no way to do business in my book.

Even rarer, and the only one I have seen with this product and compensation plan together, is a hybrid “pass up” model that also has 50% profit sharing. This is the fairest and highest paying compensation plan that I have ever seen.

Where and how you will get traffic that converts into paying customers / make money is extremely important.

How you will actually go about getting sales is the #1 most over-looked thing when starting up with any new business, even “brick and mortar” businesses (physical location businesses).

Its basic common sense that you won’t make any money if you don’t get any sales, but people start up businesses all the time with absolutely no clue how they will get any customers/sales.

The powerful income-growing tools to get more traffic, leads and profits you will learn about in Make Money Hack were designed for top-tier marketers, affiliates, & internet entrepreneurs. This is what the top marketers are doing to build their own businesses and you will have full access to all of it.

These are the same tools and techniques I have been using for over decade to build my businesses to well into 6 figures annually.

I highly recommend Make Money Hack.

For more info, click here:

Thanks for reading the review.

– David


Make Money Hack  

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