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Local Mobile Monopoly

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Local Mobile Monopoly – Business Review

Local Mobile Monopoly by Adam Horwitz and Tim Donovan and found at, is a company that deals in text message marketing and advertising for small and medium local businesses. They provide training in videos and written format that shows you how to sell the service.

Based on the concept of email marketing, text messaging on cell phones is still a young technique and hasn’t been burned up like email marketing has yet, so it’s still a viable way to reach new customers. The rate of messages opened through texting will be a few hundred times more than email sends.

Right now, the technology is mostly being used by larger companies and corporations, mostly mobile in nature to send out deals on phone service. However, small local businesses are a potential mine still untapped yet by most marketers. Success depends on being able to run your marketing both offline and online.

Your ability to follow through on contacting small local businesses, explaining simply how they can take advantage of this service, and showing them the success rate will make or break your own business. Even the creators of Local Mobile Monopoly say that this is not a get rich quick scheme, but a viable business you can build and run successfully in time.

Local Mobile Monopoly is a real marketing business aimed at real everyday small businesses that need to promote their goods to their local markets. However, since it is relatively new, it takes work to convince old school business owners that even now are still somewhat wary of having a website, let alone using techniques like texting and email marketing.

Local Mobile Monopoly shows you how through their training course. The program is perfectly simple to grasp whether you’re a beginner or a pro, and you will have little to no overhead to worry about. They also say you will not need a website, products or traffic.

At this point, the system goes for a one time fee of $77 and will eventually be a recurring monthly membership with monthly fees, so this is the best time to get in on Local Mobile Monopoly. There is quite a bit of helpful information to get your mobile marketing business up, running and becoming successful if you are willing to be hands on and active.

Local Mobile Monopoly has included a considerable amount of bonuses to make it even more enticing to engage with. Local businesses may not be excited about spending lots on a website that people may or may not ever visit, but they can see the advantages of reaching their community to offer those who respond immediate discount deals, great service, etc.

Again, it is a bit time consuming to build a local business like Local Mobile Monopoly. It takes effort and perseverance to build success, just as in any local business establishment. There are thousands of people in any community who use mobile technology now, whether through cell phones, tablets or smart phones and wireless devices that can receive messages.

Local Mobile Monopoly will show you how to help local businesses use this to their advantage, so that not only do you make income from selling the service, you will also earn through residuals as well. The training included will show you how. We definitely recommend this product

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