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Legit Writing Jobs Review

by David Harris

“Legit Writing Jobs”, found at, is an affiliate Clickbank product that uses the lure of writing jobs. It is not a job site. It is an affiliate marketing product.

If you’re looking to find writing jobs through Legit Writing Jobs you will be sadly disappointed.

I regret to inform that there are no legit writing jobs to be had at the ironically titled Legit Writing Jobs.

The content inside, once you join includes basics you can find for free anywhere online.

This site, Legit Writing Jobs, is just one of many products sold through Clickbank to affiliate marketers so they can provide product content on their websites.

The pay is commission based for sales on the actual Legit Writing Jobs product, which is to say, selling Legit Writing Jobs itself.

Although Legit Writing Jobs charges almost 5 bucks to join, they don’t tell you that there will be a monthly fee of $17.97.

It is a red flag is on the buy page, along with another small print caveat not mentioned in the sales page that states the monthly fee is subject to change.

Legit Writing Jobs has done a splendid job of littering the search engines with really badly written shill “reviews” through a horribly growing practice called scrubbing.

Scrubbing is a way to get rid of any negative press, complaints, and general online information that warns people of less than helpful products.

Since it is getting more difficult to find anything on sites like Legit Writing Jobs, it is up to us to really dig, and we did.

Any site that claims you need no writing experience or skills is not being honest about their service.

There are no actual legitimate companies that would hire people that cannot write well.

Would you rest your company’s reputation on content written by a third grade level writer?

That is why Legit Writing Jobs is mainly a product used for reselling as an affiliate marketer for commissions.

That is what marketers do.

You are here to look for good IM products and we are here to inform you of the good, the bad, and the well, you know, scam.

Legit Writing Jobs is not a scam, since it is a Clickbank product.

This means you can get a refund through Clickbank, however, only for the join fee.

Clickbank is not responsible for whatever else you lose by signing up with this company, and you can be sure there will be plenty of upsells that follow sign up.

One last caveat as I read carefully through the terms and conditions and other legalese they have links for.

I found that Legit Writing Jobs will use your personal info you provide them to resell to their clients who will spam you with a million offers.

Well, maybe not a million, but enough that it will frustrate you.

Legit Writing Jobs will not be recommended here ever.

Again, it is not a job site.

And since it isn’t, I wouldn’t want to sucker somebody looking for writing work to sign up with them in hopes of finding work.

I would not feel comfortable selling a misguiding affiliate product.

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