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iPoll Review

by David Harris

“iPoll”, also known as “Survey Head” and found at, is a “get paid to take surveys” website with more complaints from aggravated users registered online than I’ve ever seen on any other surveys site, and that is saying something.

We will explore why that is in this review.

Right off the bat, either iPoll or its agents have publicly claimed that someone’s going around cheating people out of their money by using the name iPoll.

That in itself is suspicious when you consider that there are so many complaints about the company’s own questionable practices.

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iPoll uses its iphone app to get new members that are also new to the world of apps.

It’s a shiny new toy that promises wealth just for signing up.

However, getting paid from the surveys they provide you to take can be very frustrating, sometimes taking up to 2 months and sometimes it never comes.

That is because iPoll could take about two months before they notify you that some of the surveys you took are invalid.

The surveys tend to pay very low, so it takes quite some time to get up to the $50 minimum before they pay out PayPal cash, even though iPoll advertises a minimum of $15 on the site.

The payouts can sometimes be in the form of unusable gift vouchers and such.

Many unhappy users don’t like the fact that it can take about 4 months not only to earn enough for the payouts.

But also months for iPoll to register the surveys you take.

Then it may be months before they tell you if you qualified for them.

At this rate, your kids will have kids before you can even earn enough to buy the grandkids a Barbie.

There are far better survey sites on the internet that have faster and better methods than iPoll, and better customer service, too.

There’s a serious lack of it there.

There really is nothing good about ‘iPoll’, except that at least you don’t have to pay to sign up, so because of this we can’t call it a scam.

But that’s not saying much, though.

Avoid this dog.

We don’t recommend getting involved with them.

I do not recommend “iPoll” because Survey Club is a much better option…

Join Survey Club free here:

Thanks for reading the review…

– David



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I haven’t been able to sign into my account for many, many weeks. I contacted customer services and they replied: We have sent this to our internal team and we will inform you the moment this issue is solved. That was in June. I messaged again but no reply. I was so close so getting a decent PayPal payout from them, about £30, now my account is inaccessible. All that effort and we’ve been had.

I am registered with nd dues for pay out from what I thought was iPol. They said they would pay on 10-15 business days. It’s been 20 business days. When I try to log into the site it says the name and password combination is wrong. When I have taken surveys, I’ve just clicked the link in my email, so I have not had to log on. Guess I’ve been scammed.

They terminated my account today, when I tried to sign in a pop up termination message came up. No email no explanation. And they owed me two $50 paypal payments for months worth of survey taking. Beware of ipoll, they ripped me off big time, and no explanation given from them.

Thank you , just waiting on my $50 pay from ipoll , they have now closed the site in Australia and said to claim your points which l did a month ago and now say they will pay out in 7 to 10 days , they have one day left .


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