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Instant Money Network

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Instant Money Network Review

By David Harris

Instant Money Network found at is a CPA, or Cost Per Action network company.

It promotes free trial offers for such businesses as Blockbuster, Netflix, Walmart, and more.

It is free to join Instant Money Network, but you must be living in the U.S. to qualify.

You can make $1 on the 20 level, $2 on the 40 level, $3.50 on the 60 site, $4 on the 80 site and $6 on the 120 site.

And more if your prospect upgrades to membership status.

On one hand, InstantMoneyNetwork enjoys a pretty decent reputation online for its services.

But for the sake of this review, I will focus on Instant Money Network’s problematic issues best as possible.

First, Cost Per Action, or CPA, means a payment process paid out for sales or opt-in registrations from an online advertisement.

This is a bit different than Cost Per Acquisition, which is how much a company will spend on each sale they make.

So, promoting a CPA’s ad only gets you paid for a conversion.

That is, if someone buys or tries a product, or joins the sponsor’s website.

The sponsor takes most of the financial ad risk in this type of business model.

The reason I explain this is that this factor helps companies figure out their marketing budget for each CPA campaign.

That means that there is a budget allocated to pay commissions to their online marketing affiliates.

Instant Money Network is a go-between for companies who advertise their product, marketers promoting them, and buying prospects.

The sponsors pay marketers via PayPal or transfer directly to the bank.

InstantMoneyNetwork promises you won’t be selling or cold calling.

They say their system is user friendly and uncomplicated.

This part is true.

It was fairly easy to get around inside.

To get in you just have to complete one of the offers they promote for any of their sponsors.

You don’t have to keep the product or services, but you do need to cancel in time or you will be charged.

However, Instant Money Network will still pay you whether your prospect terminates a trial or membership before the end of the trial period or not. T

They also issue three affiliate websites as a member.

InstantMoneyNetwork’s reputation seems to be very good online as there are not many complaints to be found.

It appears that they are now out of business.

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Walter Blue on :

Great write up on Instant Money Network. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. I’ll be back soon. Thanks.


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