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Instant Bucks Review

by David Harris

Instant Bucks, found at, is a get paid to take surveys website, also known as GPT site for customers who want to get rewards and gift cards.

We see many of these and this one is no different.

It acts as a middleman for companies needing marketing research via polls, surveys, etc.

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If you are willing to participate in survey panels and discussion forums or product trials and complete offers Instant Bucks exchange for rewards.

Most surveys have requirements to meet in order to qualify to take them.

Instant Bucks is free to join.

But the price many aren’t aware of when joining these survey sites is the sharing and selling of your data to third party clients for extra revenue.

It’s an unspoken practice.

You should know that sometimes you have to pay something for the products you test.

You may also be charged if you don’t return the products before their deadline.

Surveys can take up to 15 to 30 minutes to complete and the notices of the invitation usually come to your email.

However, Instant Bucks suggests you visit the website on a regular basis.

It takes quite some time before you get paid for surveys you are qualified to take on any survey sites.

Instant Bucks will be no different.

They also have a minimum limit before you can cash out.

You won’t always qualify for many surveys unless you fit the specific type of consumer the research companies are looking for.

Instant Bucks seems to have left out this information on their front page.

I also find it strange that you can’t click on any of the icons at the top for the supposed links that Instant Bucks ads have been seen on, as they claim.

It takes so long to do enough surveys that spending time on these activities may not be worthwhile.

If you like giving your opinions as a hobby, then, by all means, treat it like a crossword puzzle.

I find Instant Bucks to be a scam, mainly because they charge money to join.

And because there is no way to really make any substantial money in a short or long time frame.

Instant Bucks is suspicious when you consider that there are so many complaints about the company’s own questionable practices.

There are far better survey sites on the internet that utilize better systems than Instant Rewards.

And their customer service is seriously lacking, too.

There really is nothing exceptional about Instant Bucks.

But since you have to pay to sign up I won’t say it’s a scam but that’s not saying much, though.

We really do not recommend it if you expect to get anything more than some small gift cards here and there, and certainly not as a way to earn a living by any means.

I do not recommend “Instant Bucks” because Survey Club is a much better option…

Join Survey Club free here:

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