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Info Renegade System

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Info Renegade System Review

“Info Renegade System”, by Jeff Vacek and Ken Preuss and found at, is a website business that claims it will help you make your own online business successful.

However, Info Renegade System is just another one of those hyped up gimmick sites that promise the world and only take your money. This one has a cleverly sinister angle.

Info Renegade System charges thousands to join. First, $1,000 in the offer, then when you give them your credit card info they say you have to pay another $2000.00.

The cleverly sinister angle I refer to is the con that makes you think, if Info Renegade System is that expensive then it MUST be a good system. Sadly, It’s just not so.

I will also give Info Renegade System credit for another clever trick. You may find quite a lot of praises when you look in the search engines.

They have used the best reputation scrubbers in the land to get rid of as much negative press as possible, but they cannot keep it all hidden from me.

Get way past, in the search engines, all the badly written shill fake review sites that extol the praises of Info Renegade System so horribly that you actually get angry if you go any farther than the second paragraphs.

Past all those sites is the real dirt on Info Renegade System, but as far as what they do, you can find just about everything they “teach” in lots of cheaper sites.

List building, finding an existing product that is already successful that you have an interest in and copying their marketing strategy, and other dodgy things are touched on, but nothing is ever really discussed in depth.

In fact, much of what’s in Info Renegade System is pretty rote and standard, nothing revolutionary. However, their tactics appear to prey on the desperate.

Those who are in need of keeping from losing their material goods such as homes and cars as their jobs are disappearing are perfect targets for Info Renegade System. ]

These people still have some money to burn and Info Renegade System hypes them on a false dream and endless business coaching upsells that never quite get you anywhere.

Ok, so you buy a bunch of overpriced information from them so in a sense you are not completely getting ripped off, but it comes close to a work from home scam.

I would never in a million years recommend Info Renegade System or anything like it.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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