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Income Shift Pro Review

by David Harris

Income Shift Pro is the newest internet income opportunity marketing system used to promote an affiliate marketing business called MyEcon.

I will have a review of MyEcon up soon, but I will touch on it here some so you know what it is and if it is legit or not, how it works and if it is worth pursuing through the Income Shift Pro marketing system.

There are several different MyEcon marketing systems available on the market currently, and this is one of them.

Income Shift Pro is a professionally built system, with full CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities as opposed to just a team website created without any technical expertise.

IncomeShiftPro has a fully threshed out website and sales funnel, with tracking pixels and re-targeting code.

The system automatically follows up with email autoresponders, text message responses, and voicemail broadcasting responses, all of which are fully customizable.

You have unlimited text blasts, voice blasts, or email blasts, where you can simultaneously communicate with your leads or your team members instantly.

The main sales presentation video is 35 minutes long, a professionally tailored explanation of the MyEcon income opportunity.

The sales funnel walks your prospects through signup for MyEcon as well as Income Shift Pro, it verifies you as the referrer when a person is handed off to the MyEcon website making sure that you get credit for every sale that you make.

IncomeShiftPro tracks your leads when they are offsite and rates their interactions using Lead Scoring.

The ISP system drops your leads off directly on the MyEcon checkout sequence, so your prospects don’t navigate away from the sales process greatly increase your conversions.

The Income Shift Pro system also contains a full ledger of all leads that come into your system, where it tells you exactly how the system has communicated with your leads, gives you a rundown of your lead’s statistics, lets you message or text them on the spot, and connects you to them automatically using social media.

Income Shift Pro uses TLS encryption for all of its emails which is the highest possible level of encryption, delivering straight to your leads’ inboxes.

Income Shift Pro also utilizes a premium SSL certificate, which requires legal representation by a lawyer who certified the authenticity of their products and gives them a special trusted marker when a person sees their website address.

ISP has a fully integrated Ad Center, where you can choose targeted ads that they have designed and either save them to your computer royalty-free for customization or share them directly to social media for easy linkage.

Income Shift Pro also provides training from 3 of the top income earners in MyEcon, is producing an in house training platform for the use of MyEcon Associates, is developing a team rotator function for all members to run individual co-op advertising campaigns and is developing a system-wide rotator where they will provide free leads for Income Shift Pro members.

Income Shift Pro is in development of a linked and customizable webinar invite page where you can integrate with Facebook comments or YouTube videos, or set reminders for your leads, where text messages go out prior to you going live.

Income Shift Pro is developing pop up and live chat features, integrating new capture pages, increasing 3rd party autoresponder capabilities, developing bridge page capabilities and integrating custom funnel creation software.

They have a guaranteed 8-hour support turnaround window, a specialized upsell feature, link and campaign tracking, the list goes on and on.

There nothing like Income Shift Pro currently on the market.

It’s very cheap at only $25/month and pays a small commission, 20% or $5 every month for each member you refer to.

It has very high conversion rates and is MyEcon approved and endorsed.

Income Shift Pro is definitely not a scam.

But it doesn’t matter how great Income Shift Pro is if MyEcon isn’t any good so I will summarize the MyEcon income opportunity for you here as well.

MyEcon is a debt-free, stable and established company located in Atlanta that currently has about 50,000 members. They also have an A+ rating with the BBB.

Their line of products consists of Credit Repair, ID Defender, CashFlow Manager, Travel Booking, Health and Nutrition, Coffees, CashBack Mall, Roadside Assistance and Credit Monitoring.

MyEcon pays up to 240% advanced commissions as well as substantial residual income to its members.

Although this was seemingly a promising income opportunity, after testing Income Shift Pro and MyEcon, I found that it does not convert with generic income opportunity seeker traffic.

Therefore, I do not recommend it for the average marketer.

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