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Income Crusher

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Income Crusher

by David Harris

“Income Crusher”, found at, is a traffic generating system that falls way short of the hype on their lead page video.

It is free to sign up to get members’ area access. The problem is that there are so many things wrong with Income Crusher that you risk losing time, money and effort on a useless product.

The way Income Crusher works is that you pay them to bring visitors for up to 5 links of your websites, and can include an affiliate Income Crusher link as one of your 5 links to promote their system.

The main thing wrong with Income Crusher is that quality of the traffic they send you is very poor, with little to no sales conversions.

Non-targeted traffic you aren’t able to monitor and the inability to make sales from such useless traffic plague Income Crusher as a viable method of marketing.

Income Crusher claims they’ll bring you traffic if you just pay for it.

Problem is that the quality of those visitors they provide are so random that it renders the service unusable..

For example, if you’re selling model car hobby kits and accessories, you want the traffic to go exactly to that target.

The random traffic Income Crusher pushes will not deliver many visitors for a niche like this.

Although the visit number on your links might be high the percentage of traffic to sales conversions are dismal with the flawed Income Crusher system of getting you traffic.

One thing is driving lots of traffic, but better would be driving the correct type of directed traffic so the number of misses is not such a waste.

I happened upon a myriad of complaints from unhappy people who claim that even after 5,000 visits no sales came from Income Crusher.

I would rather use my precious marketing budget more wisely. Therefore, I will not recommend Income Crusher.

Thanks for reading

– David


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