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Home Website Builder 2.0

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Home Website Builder 2.0

by David Harris

“Home Website Builder 2.0”, by Chris Ripley and found at, is a website making tool for internet marketing purposes.

Home Website Builder 2.0 does not build actual legitimate company websites, but funnel pages to capture opt-ins, so if you actually need a real website this will not be for you.

Home Website Builder 2.0 costs $57 dollars, which gets you free website activation, 2 years of hosting, website design templates to choose from, and marketing guides and support.

Home Website Builder 2.0 claims they make the process as easy to work so you won’t need web designer skills to set up your page in about a half hour.

Home Website Builder 2.0 provides a choice of hundreds of products to integrate into your site to market with, however, you actually will need to know how to do SEO, backlinks and write quality articles for your content.

Home Website Builder 2.0 will try to upsell you to get 15 more starter websites and income tracking, which are not available to you with the basic $57 plan.

Another thing besides upsells is that Home Website Builder 2.0 gives you prefab sites that are pretty much cookie cutter pages everybody else in the system will be using to compete with you.

You do not get to have your own niche or sub-niche added to your page, as the only ones you can pick are the ones Home Website Builder 2.0 provides and allows on their templates.

They also suggest you work in the toughest markets out there, such as weight loss, surveys and dating tips, which are categories already saturated by more experienced marketers who have those markets all sewn up.

Affiliate marketing is a difficult field to make money in, and using this pre-made pages won’t improve your chances.

You also run the risk of being thrown out and possibly banned by Google on one of their many algorithm purges like Panda and Penguin for using clone sites which they frown upon.

Several users who bought the basic program have reported that their antivirus programs stopped them from using Home Website Builder 2.0 because of Trojan viruses detected in their system.

The clone pages, viruses and limited market niche choices are bad enough, but add to those not only the fact that the initial product you buy is incomplete, but that you will not be the actual owner of these sites they provide to you.

Then there are the many reports from unhappy users citing all these issues and more, including a lack of good support. You do get a trial time of 30 days to get your money back from Clicksure, though, so there is that.

The biggest complaint is the lack of generating any money with the Home Website Builder 2.0 system due to, working in already tough oversaturated environments armed only with rudimentary template pages against those already there with professional efforts on their part.

Kind of like taking a peashooter to a tank fight. If that’s not bad enough consider the other beginners who bought the same Home Website Builder 2.0 program who will be flooding the web with the same stuff you bring.

It is not a fatalistic outlook but a reality based opinion of many including us that you will be doomed from the start to get involved with Home Website Builder 2.0 when you take all these points I’ve made into consideration.

You are better off getting a real website you will actually own, good hosting and fill your pages with excellent quality content.

We have stuck to this throughout all the Google changes and have had our share of success by of trying out gimmicky shortcuts that never quite work out.

Since they do provide you with something in return, as lacking as it may be, I won’t deem ome Website Builder 2.0 a scam.

Based on everything I saw in the back office including the cheesy premade pages they stick you with, Home Website Builder 2.0 is not getting a recommendation from us anytime in the foreseeable future.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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