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Google Sniper 2.0

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Google Sniper 2.0

by David Harris

“Google Sniper 2.0”, by George Brown and found at, is a video-oriented internet marketing training program that was once more useful in making money than it is now.

However, with the many changes Google itself has implemented, Google Sniper 2.0 is a lot more difficult to earn anything with. There are a few warning signals I found in this system.

Brown says he offers it for free but the next page takes you to the shopping cart which lists the product as $47 dollars. That is one clear caveat.

Although some users seem satisfied results, Google Sniper 2.0 is the type of system that will put your online marketing business at risk of being banned by Google as well as the other search engines.

One basic way it works, you write an article for your site, then you use the Google Sniper 2.0 tool that rearranges it into a several more articles.

This is known as Google bombing, which Google is on to and handles perpetrators by banning them. In fact, this type of system is what made Google focus on when updating their algorithms Penguin and Panda.

The keyword methods taught by Google Sniper 2.0 can be hazardous to your website, even though they claim they have found ways around the new updates.

No matter what, if you really want to use and research keywords, you should really learn SEO properly to build a successful online business, as this is not a get rich quick scheme field of work.

You will need a lot more knowledge and expertise than Google Sniper 2.0 claims you do to succeed with this system.

There are so many factors left out of the Google Sniper 2.0 training course that are crucial to your succeeding in this very competitive industry.

For example, Google Sniper 2.0 doesn’t provide any information about the backlinks needed for a site to get ranked nor how to go about getting them.

Another caveat to note is how Brown says in the front page video on Google Sniper 2.0 that it’s all on autopilot and you need no skills or knowledge, yet inside they say you will need an advanced level of marketing experience to make this work.

With all the new search engine code updates, the strategy of building single keyword-centric websites, and putting your efforts on ranking them for that keyword is no longer a viable strategy.

Although the tutorials might be informative on how things used to be, the past is the past. It might not be a scam, but we do not recommend you use Google Sniper 2.0.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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