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Global Pro System

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Global Pro System Review

by David Harris

Global Pro System, found at, is another multi-level marketing business that chooses to put the product out in the back yard and the recruitment process as its main focus.

The product is a line of energy drinks known as Vemma.

The amounts of complaints and rip off reports about this business are endless and far outweigh the company shills’ attempts to dissuade you from staying away from doing business with Global Pro System.

I won’t even get into how badly uninformative their website is. It’s about the worst I’ve ever seen.

There is so much negative press and feedback on Global Pro System and its reps’ questionable business practices that they don’t even bother trying to clean their reputation up online like many other MLM’s do these days.

Distributors, which is a false term for recruiters, are aggressive and cult-like and will do whatever they have to do to get anybody’s money they can get, and they will tell their downline to do so as well.

At the risk of alienating family and friends, downline reps end up spending thousands and never quite ever see any profits, much a less break-even point.

In fact, most end up with a very negative bank account to show for their efforts.

The only thing Global Pro System reps are interested in is getting you to part with as much money as you have, starting with about ten bucks for a vague DVD brochure that never quite gets into details.

Nor do they inform anyone of the 97 to 99% percent failure factor. They also charge about fifty dollars a month just to be in the membership program.

Then they do their very best to inflate the hype to attract those who don’t know much at all about the business of multi-level marketing and its pitfalls.

Once Global Pro System has you, they can’t stress enough that you absolutely need to upgrade to their next upsells until they’ve taken you to their $2,000 dollar level and more if they can.

All this does not include the investment you have to put out for your own overhead, advertisement and more, which most people can’t afford.

So many fail at selling the product, but also in trying to recruit others who inevitably run the other way when they see the pitch coming.

The stigma of MLM’s reputation is notorious and smells as bad as a hog rendering plant, but at least at the plant, you get a steady paycheck without having to sink in thousands of your own money with the company.

It astounds me to see the number of people that jump into risky ventures such as Global Pro System without doing any research or background checks, let alone looking for truly honest testimonials.

It is a testament to the ruthlessness of its salespeople that rope unsuspecting newcomers in.

If they didn’t have the lone of vitamin drinks it would be an outright pyramid scheme.

As it is, it just barely brushes this side of an MLM scam.

I REALLY do NOT recommend getting involved with Global Pro System in any way whatsoever.

I mean that.

Don’t take my word for it, though.

Take a look at all the sad people who have registered angry complaints from the thousands about this business online.

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