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Global Income Alliance

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Global Income Alliance – Business Review

by David Harris

Global Income Alliance Franchise, found at, is another venture from Paul Birdsall, who has a strangely blemished yet famous online reputation within the online business circles.

It was just launched on April 6th, 2012 as a venture with ViSalus. As a funded proposal, Global Income Alliance supposedly chips in $50,000 per month for advertising. ViSalus is the upsell Birdsall would rather you invest in though. This is where the caveats begin.

With Global Income Alliance, membership costs about fifty bucks per month. It is the ‘low frill’ system between the two programs and your earnings may fall way short of breaking even every month.

The Visalus upsell requires five hundred to a thousand upfront, depending on the level you choose and about $150 per month for membership dues. So, with both it is a minimum of a $200 per month to have Visalus and Global Income Alliance active.

All this does not include your budget for advertising and promotion. Even though the company adds the 50k to the overall company budget, you still have to invest for your own part in this venture.

It makes it much more risky when I see on the search engines pages and pages of reported complaints about Birdsall and many of his failed schemes. This venture is planning on raising its entry fee soon too.

This time, his new business, Global Income Alliance, is being branded as an online franchise. It’s a fast and loose statement to make, as most offline franchises get foot traffic even if you don’t advertise.

Even though the founder claims it is not a get rich quick program, it feels like a lot of money to sink in for months on end before you see results. If you are a newcomer to running an online business, this may be quite a bit to invest on something new.

Typical of these schemes, the owner encourages signing up fast. If it were a true franchise, you should be able to get your own anytime. Furthermore, where is proof that there really is an ad budget of $50k actually spent?

More questions arise than answers about Birdsall and his many failed businesses. Many of those have had complaints lodged against them though the Better Business Bureau with unresolved status on the majority.

Unless you don’t mind being his next “guinea pig” for his current project, we recommend that you stay far away from Global Income Alliance and Paul Birdsall.

Thanks for reading

– David


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