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Fruta Vida

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Fruta Vida Review

Fruta Vida, also known as Pro Image, by Tony Shaw and found at, is a multi-level marketing company with a line of nutritional juice drinks. While the product may be tasty and people seem to enjoy consuming it, the business model is difficult, at best, to make money with.

We will forgo the early troubles of infighting among the top founders and rumors of the owner’s changes in the compensation plan in his favor from time to time, which is something to be wary of, but for the sake of this review, we will concentrate on the business model itself.

By now, most of our regular readers know our stance on MLM business opportunities, but for those of you just joining us, you probably already have some experience in the business. My aim is not to scare those of you that are new to the industry; however, there is a big caveat unchanged in Fruta Vida.

The warning is that 97% of those starting out at the bottom of a multi-level marketing structure venture will unarguably fail for a multitude of reasons, including finding people who haven’t yet been burned by it.

Although at least Fruta Vida does not have all the huge stigma of lawsuits, false claims made by distributors, or unhappy salespeople, etc., it is still a rough venture to be successful in because of the business model.

Most people get into a business like this for discounts and such, or because they really like the product and want to be involved in its success even if they don’t make very much money at it.

You may find distributors who have invested thousands with very small return on investment (ROI) that will defend Fruta Vida with full conviction. Many mlm businesses tend to generate a cult like fervency in its followers.

It would be more than wise to read the legal paperwork, disclaimers, terms and anything else stating the nature of what you’re getting involved in. Fruta Vida states in theirs that it reserves the right to terminate or alter their agreements with or without cause within at least 30 days.

That is not business as usual in most companies, so you want to really be careful what you sign. To build a business that changes or eliminates your chance of success down the road can be heartbreaking if not bank breaking.

Many mlm fruit juice businesses have come and gone in my tenure as a reviewer of these companies, and while Fruta Vida may or may not be stable now, you are taking quite a chance on basing a future with them.

You will hear the usual suspects bleat the usual spiel such as working for a boss is like a pyramid too, but unlike risking thousands on a business like Fruta Vida, you at least get a steady paycheck while you work for a legit company as a worker.

I do not recommend risking your precious investment capital on Fruta Vida, especially when you consider that they encourage your marketing plan to focus on pushing the product on friends, family and home parties, kind of like the old plastic container mlm’s of the 1970s.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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