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Free Marketing Machine

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Type of Business: Internet Marketing Business Kit and Training Course
Skill Level Needed: Beginner to Intermediate
Income Potential: $50 per New Member
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Free Marketing Machine Review

by David Harris

“Free Marketing Machine”, formerly Free and Powerful, by Ken Rankin, Keith Kearney and Bill Constain and found at, is an online marketing business kit and training course.

Ken Rankin has come up with many successful programs in the past and continues to launch new ones all the time.

Keith Kearney has a good reputation in the network marketing business, too.

Free Marketing Machine offers free spots to advertise your product on their site.

It is a free to join program so no initial investment is needed.

Free Marketing Machine is available world wide as well.

Free Marketing Machine also lets affiliate marketers give the system to their network while at the same time be able to make money without having to invest any of their own money.

Each person you get to join Free Marketing Machine and become premium members makes you a commission of $50 from every person you get to join.

Everyone they bring in also makes you a portion of your members’ commissions.

You are not even required to upgrade to become a premium member of Free Marketing Machine and they do provide excellent training on how to succeed at marketing.

Free Marketing Machine also offers a $20 dollar sign up bonus to new members, so you instantly make money in five minutes.

Once you have joined of Free Marketing Machine, you must complete the 3 step videos in your back office and you can qualify for a $50 bonus.

With Free Marketing Machine you promote a free people search site that generates potential multiple income streams through the use of Adwords, Clickbank, traffic exchanges and other methods.

Free Marketing Machine claims you won’t really have to put much work into it except promoting the free splash page they provide which looks quite decent, I might add.

The only thing you need to spend money on is the hosting for the free site Free Marketing Machine provides after 30 days, and that’s only ten dollars per month.

Free Marketing Machine trains you on the use of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube to build your downline without having to spend any money to use what they train you to do.

Free Marketing Machine also provides pre-written, pre-scheduled email marketing templates designed to successfully market your offer with video tutorials on easy step by step directions on what to do with their social media marketing tools.

Free Marketing Machine provides an all in one funnel system made specifically for multiple streams of income all for free.

Free Marketing Machine also provides several necessary tools including autoresponders, 9 customizable lead capture landing pages, 3 banner ads to choose from any niche available and leads to survive as part of its free system.

Training includes tutorials on content marketing, PPC and email marketing.

Free Marketing Machine conversion rates are said to be up over 200% and retention rates even higher all in an automated system.

The Free Marketing Machine business tools and training are high quality and are constantly updated to reflect current market strategies in accordance with Google algorithms through their follow up system.

One of the most important aspects of Free Marketing Machine is that they provide you with leads and it maintains contact with them for you automatically.

There is a one time optional “power switch” to be eligible to receive an additional $40 dollars for 4 people you sponsor in addition to making the $50 from them when they upgrade to premium membership.

You will also make a dollar per person monthly through Global Domains International, GDI, in residual income from their hosting.

Free Marketing Machine also provides decent customer support and free tracking for your campaigns. This is a good program to make money from home.

We recommend Free Marketing Machine as an excellent training course with all the tools you will need to become a successful marketer.

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