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Free Affiliate Club

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Free Affiliate Club Review

by David Harris

Free Affiliate Club by David Michael, Shawn Casey, Michael Beeson, Bobby B., and Brian Koz is found at

It’s an affiliate marketing system that would seem like it could be something at a glance but it’s not what it seems.

However, just because a system is offered by top “gurus” does not mean it will be a miracle solution.

Whether a clone of these internet marketing experts’ websites and systems works for the average Joe or not is debatable.

I say it may be quite difficult because driving traffic search engines to duplicate sites as Free Affiliate Club offers to everyone to compete against one just like yours is a stretch at best if you don’t have large volumes of targeted traffic and a good niche product to convert.

In that case, if you do, you can make money with any system, but Free Affiliate Club does not provide that essential ingredient.

In order to get a system like Free Affiliate Club to work properly you must invest in lots of additional supplemental tools such as AdWords and PPC programs and others.

Paid traffic campaigns can be like holding a sharp knife on the wrong end.

This can be an expensive risk to take, as hemorrhaging money into a system such as Free Affiliate Club never stops and seldom yields high returns.

This system is not for the faint of heart beginner with a limited budget.

Sure, Free Affiliate Club’s concept works wonders for the veteran specialists like the creators of this program because they have near unlimited funds and a well developed target market.

Another red flag is the lack of any substantial information provided on the Free Affiliate Club website.

So, no tires to kick just trust them on their word. No other business out there does that.

Generic and general broad strokes on a hype video are not enough for any smart investor to get mixed up in something like Free Affiliate Club.

Here is some information you won’t find anywhere else because most fake positive review websites are run by affiliates themselves that just want to unload this burden by having you sign up under them.

What they’re offering, like a domain name, hosting plan, and other basics, you can get much cheaper with a major provider as the female race car driver endorses.

Free Affiliate Club charges an arm and a leg so to speak.

They guarantee if you don’t make at least $100 in your first 48 hrs they will give you $100.

So you spend about 90 bucks to set your system up and if you don’t make it at least you can get $100, making a $10 profit.

That is if the guarantee isn’t filled with tons of conditions rigged to have you lose.

They provide a niche in the ecological market, or “green market” which is too new to tell how successful it might be.

But also new enough not to be over-saturated.

It’s an expensive gamble only intermediate to advanced might try, but most of them already should have a successful running business by now.

I don’t recommend Free Affiliate Club to our readers since many of you are just starting out.

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