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EZ Money Network

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EZ Money Network Business Review

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Ez Money Network & EZ Money Formula, by Mack Zidan and found at, is an amazing marketing system that encompasses a viral system for creating multiple income streams. Zidan has created a program that works with three separate companies.

These three businesses are GVO, Pure Leverage and Empower Network. Ez Money Network offers options for you to advertise on these businesses for relatively low budgets.

GVO is a successful auto responder system that has not only had longevity in the business, but has been improved now to work even better. GVO has also been simplified for new users to get up and running quickly. They also offer 100% commissions for those who join your downline.

The next business, Pure Leverage is also one of the most popular products available. Commission returns are also excellent. It’s an excellent guide through the world of internet marketing.

The third business tied in with Ez Money Network is the well respected and booming Empower Network. This system offers a collection of online marketing tools. Empower was the first to offer 100% commissions to their marketers.

Ez Money Network is therefore a new way to market to huge numbers. It gives you several options to do very well in advertising in as simple a way as possible to operate a thriving business with low overhead on costs.

It is free to join EZ Money Network and about 60 bucks a month to join all 3 businesses under it. This improves your earning chances cheaply.

The best aspect of Ez Money Network is that you don’t only make quick commissions, but you earn residual income on top of that. That being said, it does take time and effort to make it run smoothly.

Although it is an easy enough system to understand, you will have to put a bit of elbow grease into it. Fortunately, there really is no need to be a computer expert to learn how to apply the techniques offered in all 3 businesses in Ez Money Network.

Top marketers Ben Zimunya, Adam Whiting, Mike Hobbs and Matt Conner of the B.A.M.M. prosperity crew put Ez Money Network together with Mark Zidan to create multiple streams of income through a single affiliate connection.

I tested Ez Money Network recently and have seen some exciting results. For newcomers, it will show how to build your list properly in my opinion, the most important factor in achieving success.

Ez Money Network shows your prospects just how everything works together even before they spend a dime, rather than pressuring to buy the product before they even know what they will be getting into.

The best reason to get started with Ez Money Network is the price they offer. GVO is sold for only $10 a month for up to 5,000 subscribers. Other autoresponders can be up to 70 per month and some are not as easy to use..

Pure Leverage is also a bargain at only $25 per month. The commissions are astounding with 100 percent returns on each, making your commissions come in at 300%! Plus there is a 50% residual from each member you bring that joins.

There are other exciting bonuses on top of all this that offer the chance to make even more returns on your investment, as well as keeping your referrals happy as long as they work the program well too.

The Empower Network monthly charge is also only $25 and their 100% commissions are make it highly lucrative when you consider what you’ll make from sales and referrals.

It’s well known that Empower Network paid over twenty million dollars in commissions in the first year of their existence to less than a hundred thousand affiliate members. However, it’s been tapped out now.

I no longer recommend Ez Money Network as a way to bring in fantastic earnings without having to be an online marketing guru or a computer whiz. It is no longer in operation.

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– David


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