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EZ Money Method 2X

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EZ Money Method 2X – Business Review

No longer in operation:

EZ Money Method 2X is a front-end marketing system for a home based business opportunity very few Internet marketers have heard of called MCA, or Motor Club of America.  In case you were wondering, MCA is not an MLM business.

Briefly, MCA is the Motor Club of America – a well established roadside service company (and much more) which started in 1926 and has millions of customers nationwide.  More recently MCA combined with TVC Matrix to bring in more customers by paying affiliates very good commissions for signing people up for MCA’s services.

How good are the commissions?  It costs $19.95 a month for a membership with MCA’s Total Security package – which is comparable (actually favorable) to the AAA Premier package.  When you sign up with MCA, you will pay for your first and last month – or just under $40.  Any person you refer to do the same thing brings you at least an $80 commission!  As you can see, if you got just 3 people to sign up with MCA, you would already be compensated enough to pay for your own membership for an entire year!

In addition to the $80 you get for anyone who signs up through you, you are also paid $6 for every sale your direct referrals make.  There is also a residual monthly income built in.  Again, it’s not an MLM… it’s a two tier affiliate program.

I will show you later in this review why I believe MCA is on par with or better than AAA… but the key for you (and me) is unlike having a membership with AAA, we can make a very nice income with MCA.  How good?  In the very short time I’ve been with MCA, I have made more money quicker than with anything else I’ve tried before!  Needless to say, I am sold on this business and opportunity.

EZ Money Method 2X is the best marketing system to use to build your affiliate business with MCA.  As you know, in order to make good money with any affiliate program, you can’t rely on just your friends and family to supply that income.  You would want to advertise and market in order to keep new customers coming in.

Adam Whiting’s EZ Money Method 2X gives you a free, professional built website to help you market your business.  You will also get simple, step by step video tutorials, access to a huge advertising resource center, and everything you will need to help drive huge amounts of traffic to your business in a very short time.  You do not need to be an “expert” to make money with this opportunity, as you have experts on your side who have already done the hard work for you.  You simply use the well explained, easy to understand training EZ Money Method 2X provides you, follow the step by step instructions, and start making money with your own affiliate MCA business right away!

And remember, it’s a very good “product” you would be offering.  It’s something that has a real, legitimate value for anyone who drives a vehicle.  Not some new berry drink, the latest diet fad, or the newest, expensive vitamin supplement you have to talk people into thinking is really superior to the thousands of things they’ve heard of or tried before.

Briefly, here is how the Motor Club of America’s Total Security membership compares to AAA’s premier coverage package:

Both services include the same battery service, tire service, emergency fuel supply, theft reward, and emergency travel and medical assistance.  Both offer travel services and discounts.  Before I tell you other comparisons, let me tell you what I think is the biggest difference right away:  there is NO CAP on the number of service calls with MCA, whereas even the top AAA plan limits you to 4-5 service calls annually.  Service calls can be for a locksmith, gas, a jump start, a tow – many things.  Being limited to just a few a year instead of having no limit is indeed a very significant difference in the plans.

I have seen many “plan comparisons” by numerous sources.  The truth is, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all comparison.  The reason is AAA plan benefits vary by state, whereas MCA is indeed a national membership plan.  For instance, where I live I would pay a bit more money for the AAA Premier membership than they pay in California where a friend of mine lives.  However, I would get a maximum of 5 service calls whereas he is limited to 4.  My point is each state varies, so any comparison you find online might have some differences.

What is not different – in addition to the fact you can make money with MCA and the “MCA no cap vs. AAA service limit” scenario – is the MCA plan has higher allowances/coverage for things like locksmith services, rental car, legal reimbursements, and other benefits.  Plus MCA also gives you vision, pharmacy, and dental discounts as well as emergency room, hospital, death and accidental death benefits.  (Let’s hope you don’t need those but if you do, you’re covered with MCA.)  You also get arrest bond certificates and bail release funds (not available in NY or CA), a reward for stolen livestock/farm equipment, and other benefits.

Simply put, you get more from Motor Club of America than you do with AAA.  And I was comparing MCA’s plan to the highest level plan AAA offers and you can’t even  get that plan until you’ve become a member at a lower level and go 3 months without needing a tow.  So if you’re starting from scratch, the difference between MCA and AAA is even more magnified with MCA benefits the clear winner.

So this is what I would call a “no brainer”.  Signing up for MCA is a good idea in itself.  Being able to get a free website and free training through Adam Whiting’s  EZ Money Method 2X to help make very high commissions is even better.  (There are also additional money making streams inside if you choose to utilize them.)  It really is simple and effective as I said previously I made more money in a shorter amount of time with MCA than with any other “home business opportunity” I’ve been involved with.  If you are looking for a way to make money from home, I very highly recommend EZ Money Method 2X in conjunction with MCA!

Thanks for reading…

– David


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