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Express Affiliate Site

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Express Affiliate Site

by David Harris

“Express Affiliate Site”, by Cody Moya and found at, is an affiliate marketing program that focuses on Google Adsense.

There is a set up charge of $97 dollars, and a domain name, host and website will be required to work with Express Affiliate Site.

It’s not certain whether Express Affiliate Site will provide this service, but if they don’t you can use GoDaddy or HostGator. Both provide excellent service.

Express Affiliate Site offers only a few products you can sell to your customers but they do provide a special offer with a free incentive.

With the Express Affiliate Site site you get 4 pages to place your products on and you can customize your home page.

Again, Google Adsense is the main system you will work with and Express Affiliate Site will feature it on your site when you become a member.

You also have to join the Google Adsense program in order to place the adverts for your products on your site for click-throughs.

Express Affiliate Site also provides a full service Amazon store but you will have to become an Amazon Affiliate to use the service.

With the Amazon store you will have access to thousands of Amazon products and content to choose from for your own site’s content.

Express Affiliate Site offers you a Clickbank affiliate store, too, so you will have to be a member of that service as well. There are thousands of products you can choose from there to add to your site.

You can also customize your Express Affiliate Site website with HTML if you know how. One thing most people say about his systems is that his information tends to be old and outdated.

However, Cody Moya has a bad reputation for providing shoddy service and there are many complaints and actual sites dedicated to describing just how terrible he is.

He frequently uses too much email marketing offering one dollar trials and overruns your inbox daily, with a lot of hype claiming you will make tons of money with his Express Affiliate Site within 30 days from when you get started.

There are far too many upsells to Express Affiliate Site and it will be up to you to build your membership site, your website and get your own traffic.

All Express Affiliate Site will do is provide an affiliate link for you to buy the site script for $180. Other products that they claim are free will be charged to your account a month later.

Many have complained that they have charged them without authorization even after they cancelled their membership with Express Affiliate Site.

There is no customer support to complain to once you cancel, and they will not reply to your complaints or give you your refund.

You can’t even try to contact your bank to let them know about any fraudulent charges Express Affiliate Site or Cody Moya put on your bank card because Express Affiliate Site and Moya use PayPal exclusively.

PayPal will not give you your money back once a transaction has been completed. After all that, Express Affiliate Site will continue to spam you endlessly.

Another issue with Express Affiliate Site is that the web pages they provide are of a low quality and everybody receives the same one as you do so you would be competing with identical sites of other members.

Moya also makes a lot of grammatical errors on his sites which would make one think maybe English is not his native language.

The consensus among marketer is that Moya sells a lot of junk, and it could be that Express Affiliate Site might be too. However, if it is a Clickbank product you might be able to get your refund from them.

I say don’t go through the trouble of finding out that Express Affiliate Site is a disappointment and just move on to better systems.

Once you have given them your email the spam will never stop. I won’t call Express Affiliate Site a scam, but it is not a good program.

I do not recommend Express Affiliate Site as a way to make money from home online.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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