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Empower Network Review

by David Harris

Empower Network update

We do not recommend Empower Network.

First, I must state that “Empower Network” , also known as EN, will not be considered a scam here, per se, because unlike most scams we report here, they do not take money from members’ bank cards without authorization.

Empower Network also does not fail to pay commissions to their affiliates if they ever do make any, and that is one of the major caveats.

The owners – David Wood and David Sharpe – launched Empower Network on October 31st, 2011, and since we first published our findings years ago, Empower Network has lost much of its luster and now the internet is replete with more angry and dissatisfied customers then ever before.

It has gotten so bad that there is an actual online directory of complaints! The Alexa rank for Empower Network in 2012 was 297 in the U.S and has now dropped to around below 4,000.

We feel a responsibility to change our designation for Empower Network to Not Recommended now and we’ll explain further.

Certain red flags against them have surfaced now. That Empower Network is now tantamount to an MLM scheme because you need to refer more people into the program to make money is another concern.

The lack of clearly distinguishable products or a definable business model can be listed farther down in the roll call of warning signals, too. Also, Paying a monthly fee for nothing in return is one of many grievances.

However, the amounts of upsells, both pricey and useless, are high on the list of grievances registered by many who have left EN, but if that is not enough, they are aggressively pushed by members who tell you they’re all needed in order to succeed with EN.

Investment upon investment and thousands of dollars, even tens of thousands lost that have been reported all turn to dust with no return on those investments.

Empower Network also tells you outright that they do not guarantee any success at all, so one wonders what the use is of a 14 day refund policy.

These are some of the biggest complaints we receive from angry readers. Plus the fact that you will need to invest heavily on your own advertising budget and that would be a subject for a whole other article.

En affiliates have actually suggested you get a bank loan of borrow from friends and family so you can join at their $9,000 dollar level. That is absurd even by most IM industry standards.

Then there are the ill mannered and rude affiliates with heavily aggressive tactics have even gotten EN related materials banned from some social media sites such as Facebook.

Another complaint is the type of “virtual sharecropping” business model EN employs. Nothing you promote is your to own.

So, other than its blogging platform, there are no practical or useful products worth the money you’d waste either, and that is another discussion we cannot get into here.

In fact, the blog you pay for is their property and is limited to their “custom” pages which you cannot alter outside of what they provide.

Take into consideration that by now, the market is completely over-saturated with everybody using EN template blogs all vying for attention from the same customers.

Add to all this the frustration of little to no support in some groups, making it a wild west scenario where sellers do what they think they can get away with; and no free trials on anything.

When it comes down to it, Empower Network has left a bad taste in many peoples’ mouths that their sullied reputation leads us to state that ScamXposer will not recommend EN any longer, and that is a shame because they showed promise at the start.

Unless the two Daves completely makeover and revamp Empower Network into a less unscrupulous and monitored environment, people will no longer look to it as a legitimate way of making money online.

When you consider all these factors, keep in mind I have left a few other out for the sake of brevity for this article.

By now you have gotten the point clearly. We no longer recommend Empower Network.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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