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Elite Marketing Review

by David Harris

Elite Marketing is a business designed for succeeding with your own, real internet business.

They have different levels of membership where you can make $500 to $20,000 per sale, with the average being $3,500 per sale.

The higher range packages have much more training materials in them.

The materials they sell you are definitely worth what they charge for it.

While the bronze level at $500 gives you the basics, much more is given as the levels rise.

New material is added as time goes on at no additional cost.

If you have ever been involved in a real, physical brick and mortar business like a franchise or your own individual shop you will know it takes tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to get it off the ground and working properly.

Then there is also all the paperwork that the banks, the IRS, state, etc will require.

And if it involves food you have your city’s board of health to contend with.

Elite Marketing is quite a bit different from all that in that it entails working from home, without the usual overhead of traditional brick and mortar businesses.

So that alone greatly lowers your overhead, and since Elite Marketing is not a MLM / multi-level marketing business opportunity, there are no vitamins, creams or other products lying around your garage collecting dust.

Elite Marketing considers itself a top tier direct sales venture that specializes in the industry called niche marketing.

Because this business model is in place, they promise up front compensation, which they call the ‘get paid today’ model.

Your full commission is paid to you when you sign someone up, and not in small monthly percentage.

It is because of this that Elite Marketing costs more to get started although there are no recurring costs in the way of payments to an MLM sponsor nor having to buy monthly product auto-shipments.

What you see is what you get, and the product you pay for at the start is high end and very informative.

The basic Elite Marketing package comes with a personal business building website you can customize as you see fit.

It also comes with a complete library of instructional videos and a preprogrammed pro autoresponder, pro letter forms and open customer support.

At the first $500 level, you will make $500 directly for every sale.

The next level goes to $2,000 which gives you 30 plus hours of content earns you $2,000 and $500 on each sale.

By the time you get to the “elite” level, it costs $20,000 and comes with over 100 hours of useful materials.

You can also make up to $20,000 on each sale at this level.

Essentially, you can only make up to whatever level you signed up on.

This means that if you signed up on the $500 level then make a $2,000 sale, you have to give up $1,500 of the commission to your referrer.

Obviously, Elite Marketing encourages you to sign up at the highest level.

75% of the income that you earn will be made right at the sale and 25% of your income is passive through your team’s efforts.

This is all explained in easy to understand detail on their website.

Although your first sale is passed up to your referrer to get you started earning commissions thereafter.

That way you will make your passive income when people you bring into Elite Marketing then pass-up their first sale to you.

Truly successful gurus like Mike Dillard have good things to say about this business, especially the training content that focuses on teaching not only how to use lead capture pages effectively but also how to follow up with the generated leads.

The material that shows you how to focus on profitable marketing, and so much more.

So it’s a good idea to take advantage of the very useful materials in the Elite Marketing program and get to know your product.

Because Elite Marketing is more stable than any MLM business opportunity out there.

It is possible to make constant substantial earnings without constant investment, and that makes this venture a winner in my book.

While the higher levels may be a bit cost prohibitive for the new marketer, this is a solid venture we highly recommend to the intermediate to advanced marketers, even at the lowest entry level, which you can move up from at any time.

But one can join at a lower level and move up later at any time.

The best part about working with this specific team is that they have an unlimited source of great, high converting leads from people calling in asking for details.

There is never any need to talk to friends, family or co-workers about this.

You simply call these phone-in people back and answer any questions they have, the system does 99% of the work for you, so there won’t be many questions to answer.

This is not hard closing sales.

Most people start at the $3500 level.

It only takes a handful of sales to hit 5 figures per month from this.

This is no longer available.

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