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ECN Research Review

by David Harris

ECN Research by Cotter Industries and found at claims they are a paid surveys site, and paid offer site. Normally I would describe what they do right from the start.

However, there are so many complaints and rip- off reports online that I have to give you the warning immediately.

Several companies use the name and website ECN Research as a way to collect email addresses and worse.

One con group will bombard you with spam if you are unlucky enough to sign up and give them your personal data.

Another company using the name ECN Research employs the “lottery winner notification” con.

This con works by sending you an email notification claiming you’re a winner in their sweepstakes.

They ask you for your name, address, social security number, etc.

Then they have your identity to do with as they wish.

Sometimes they can extract your email contact data to keep the ECN Research scam running.

But the worst complaints reported have been of unsuspecting newcomers to the world of work at home scams.

The most sinister of these companies bearing the name ECN Research utilizes the “mystery shopper” con.

This one sends people who join their website, a check for $2380.

Then they tell them to deposit it into their personal bank accounts and withdraw $2080 for a “mystery shopper spree”.

What follows next is a nightmare for all involved except ECN Research.

They first have you wire them back $1,860 and tell you to take the rest out for the mystery shopping.

A whole week goes by then they don’t honor the check. It’s a fake check.

The check then bounces in your account and you have to cover the difference to your bank.

Why they would need you to send them money back is quite the red flag that most of these rookies never see coming.

Try to call the company and see what happens.

The ECN Research that is an actual survey company is not much better.

They send you on a wild goose chase filling out surveys that never pay out according to many disgruntled customers.

Even if you do come across a legitimate ECN Research survey site you’re better off avoiding anything associated with the name ECN Research altogether.

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