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Easy Internet Profit Shop Review

by David Harris

Easy Internet Profit Shop by Ashton Carter, found at

It’s a set of internet marketing tools and upsells.

There are quite a few issues to elaborate on.

First, although the system claims Ashton Carter is the proprietor, further investigation proved this is not the case.

At least on the domain, which is under the name Craig Hammer.

I believe Carter is just endorsing Easy Internet Profit Shop but they lead you to believe he actually owns and created the system.

EasyInternetProfitShop costs about $17 to join but they wheedle you down to $7 with the pop up discounts each time you try to exit. offers e-books, videos, marketing tips, and tools that are not special in any way even though they claim they will help you make a ton of money.

Easy Internet Profit Shop’s claims are deceptive, as most of the information is very basic and common knowledge.

You would be lucky to make anything substantial by using this system.

Some of the information on the instructional materials in EasyInternetProfitShop is even misguided and inconsistent.

The real motive behind Easy Internet Profit Shop is to get your personal info so they can inundate you with emails and phone calls to try and get you to upgrade to more expensive programs, a technique called the upsell.

Truth is that the kind of money they claim you can make with no experience or skills can only be made by more seasoned and hard working marketers.

Beware of the hype, as getting you to sign up for the limited time membership offer is an old trick to give you a sense of urgency.

The people who run Easy Internet Profit Shop won’t close membership access when they hit some imagined limit, so don’t fall for that.

Even the photo of the guy who is supposed to be Ashton Carter is not correct.

The image is of an environmentalist author named Guy Dauncey.

Why his photo is there is anyone’s guess.

Another issue I have with EasyInternetProfitShop is, that I found the disclaimers to be very vague and uninformative.

Another is the number of unhappy customers who tried to get their money back with little to no success directly from Easy Internet Profit Shop.

You will have to go through Clickbank to get it.

Then there is the members’ area. Links to bonuses and free stuff don’t work.

Finally, there are some issues with the members’ area of the site.

In particular, the bonus section is filled with broken images and links that don’t actually work.

Easy Internet Profit Shop is not a good online marketing program to go with.

I do not recommend it.

Thanks for reading the review.



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