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Dominating CB 2

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Dominating CB 2 Review

by David Harris

Dominating CB 2 by Andrew Fox at is an internet marketing training course taught through video tutorials.

This course focuses on Clickbank affiliate marketing techniques for beginners.

Although the Dominating CB 2 course is sold with quite a bit of unnecessary hype, it really does go step by step on how to start up correctly in the world of affiliate marketing.

DominatingCB is an improvement on the first Dominating CB 2 developed by Andrew Fox.

He shows you how to find, sell and successfully advertise and promote the best Clickbank Private Label Products (PLR) at the lowest costs possible.

Dominating CB 2 also goes into how to get valuable ad keywords, improve product promotion times, and how to raise your conversion percentage of traffic to sales.

DominatingCB2 breaks down the affiliate marketers’ failures and how to avoid the mistakes they make.

It also goes into the psychological aspect of affiliate sales and marketing and explains why so many fail at it.

However, most of this information is repeated from Fox’s old systems.

He claims to have improved the system, though much of the information is directly from Affiliate X Factor, Marketing Quickies, and some others.

If you got that one there’s no need to purchase DominatingCB2.

DominatingCB2 is a bit costly at $77 monthly.

Much of the information is pretty common, and people have complained about a lack of decent customer service.

However, it is a Clickbank product so you should not have a difficult time getting your money back if you’re not satisfied.

Dominating CB 2 is not something experienced marketers would get any use out of.

And at the cost of the monthly fee, beginners could find far cheaper systems showing much of the information found here.

It’s not a scam, nor a terribly horrible product, but since the info found here didn’t wow me.

I won’t recommend DominatingCB2 either.

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