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Digital Income Source Review

by David Harris

“Digital Income Source”, found at, is a website based income system for Amazon’s affiliate program.

It’s a widely shared opinion that Amazon’s affiliate program treatment of its associates leaves a lot to be desired, and businesses like Digital Income Source try to be a middleman in order to make money from both sides.

Truth is that anyone can join Amazon’s associate plan without the need for a service like “Digital Income Source” taking a further cut from your already small percentage.

Amazon’s affiliate program, offers Internet Marketers context linking to products on Amazon’s shopping sites in exchange for a small referral fee of between 4% – 15% when someone buys through your link.

As it is, internet marketers work way too hard to drive traffic to Amazon’s sites, and many times Amazon seems to find some technicality that would cheat associates of their rightful referral fees.

This is a complaint lodged online by too many affiliates to count, yet, Amazon, being so powerful, refuses to acknowledge the issue, let alone do anything to fix it.

That is mostly because once the sale has converted from the associates’ links, Amazon has the sale and their customer is happy and blissfully unaware of the behind the scenes problems.

The game is rigged, and companies like Digital Income Source are in most cases in on it.

Most people are clueless about these serious issues and get sold on the hype that they could earn the huge amounts these middleman sites claim they’ll earn.

Furthermore, the huge conglomerate has rigged it so they leave little to no trace anyone can find, and complaining about it will just get your account deleted, and often, get you banned.

So not only are you unknowingly fighting an uphill battle to earn a living against Amazon’s unfair policy, but Digital Income Source is there to take a chunk of what little you do get if a sale conversion is indeed successful.

Let me give you an example of how inequitable their nefarious practice works.

Suppose you have built your blog, from whatever tools you buy from Digital Income Source, and write an article about a skin care product you provide an Amazon link for.

A reader who may not already be an Amazon customer sets up an account after clicking on your link. That reader becomes an Amazon customer.

The link you set up through Digital Income Source has its own commission diverter so the middleman gets their cut.

Now Amazon has a new and possibly lifelong customer without having to give you any recurring residual earnings or credit for neither the new customer nor their future purchases.

However, you may get a 4% to 15% cut from the initial sale from your link if, and only if, Amazon deems that you jumped through their tricky hoops successfully.

However, if the new customer abandons the item for something else they find attractive, you have lost your sale.

I can go on and on about the dicey proposition of getting involved with a company like Digital Income Source, and Amazon, to try and earn a living, but your chances of making that living wage are better through a fast food joint.

I won’t exactly call it a work from home scam, although it comes alarmingly close, but I will not recommend Digital Income Source as a way of making decent money.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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