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CPC Broker Review

by David Harris


“CPC Broker”, by John Stalvey and found at was an internet marketing company that offers a unique opportunity in the Cost Per Click field.

In the world of internet advertising and marketing, CPC stands for Cost Per Click.

It is the subcategory of Pay Per Click (PPC).

The concept is a little complicated, and I’ll try to define it here so as to understand the business model of CPC Broker.

PPC is a model of advertising online in which you only pay the host of your ad when it is clicked on.

You usually bid on keyword phrases that are relevant to your market.

The number of visitor clicks is usually set up with a finite daily budget.

Once the traffic clicking reaches its limit, the ad is then pulled until the next daily budget rotation.

For instance, a website that hosts a CPC rate of 10 cents with a 1,000 click-through limit will bill $100 ($0.10 x 1000) for the day.

A click means the visitor is interested enough in the content in your ad to click through to your designated link, usually the site holding your presentation.

If the visitor then leaves their information on the link’s opt-in format, or subscribes to your newsletter, etc, then they basically become a potential lead to turn into a prospect that you can engage in paying for your product or service.

CPC Broker provides a service to bring guaranteed traffic to your business.

Their method is different than most service providers in that it’s done through email marketing.

CPC Broker does Joint Ventures with many marketers who have these large email lists of loyal subscribers for their business opportunities.

For a fee, they email out your ad send it to their lists using a unique tracking code that sees the amount of times your link was clicked.

It’s very inexpensive you only pay for the “CLICK” to the link in the email ad redirecting prospects to your website or lead capture page.

Once CPC Brokers job is done and the visitors get to your landing page and opt-in by providing their name and email info, you’ll end up with lots of new leads, for a very low cost!

A campaign with CPC Broker can be arranged in minutes for as little as $197 for 160 to 253 clicks at about $1.24 to .78 cents per cost.

The “Gold” package starts at $997 and provides up to 1,424 clicks at $1.12 to .70 cents per with more features such as 5x standard delivery speed and real time upgrades.

The challenges of working with other service providers in the PPC industry can be major.

Most of the content systems are becoming restrictive on home businesses that rely on “cookie cutter” type replicated websites. Then there is the task of creating relevant and useful keywords and ads.

Managing these ad campaigns is also a daily – or hourly in many cases – time consuming effort when actively working to drive traffic to your site.

The worst case scenario is when the network you are using cancels your ad due to content they disapprove of or any other number of reasons.

CPC Broker goes after specific people interested in working a business from home.

They drive this traffic to their advanced Real Time Pricing rotators which weigh the price of the traffic in real-time based on response levels for that traffic.

This effort makes sure that you pay only for targeted interested traffic, not uninterested people that would never go from a cold lead to a prospect.

CPC Broker has engaged in campaigns that have produced over 50 Million dollars worth of online business for their clients!

CPCBroker does all this using their own proprietary algorithmic formula that replicates their tested process of delivering high quality prospects to your virtual door in a short time.

This is a worthwhile, cost effective service anyone looking to engage in PPC campaigns should try.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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