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Commission Hero Review

by David Harris

Commission Hero is an Internet marketing educational product by Robby Blanchard that teaches how to make a lot of money online selling affiliate products on Facebook.

Thus allowing those that follow the instructions to earn $1,000 or more per day.

Clickbank or CB is one of the largest online marketing digital product platforms in the world.

Robby Blanchard is currently the #1 affiliate on Clickbank.

He has made over $50,000 in a single day and over $240,000 in a single week on Clickbank.

And is more than qualified to teach you how to make money online using the same exact methods he’s using himself.

6 weeks into this Facebook marketing course launch, there has been at least 1 student that has made a gross income of $10,000 in 1 day.

And $30,000 in that same week with this method with a 40% net profit of $12,000 for that week.

This student was only making $3,000 to $4,000 per month with other internet marketing methods prior to starting the course.

This is very different from what I’ve seen before when it comes to affiliate marketing courses.

Here you will find a business model that is designed to be for someone that has never done anything online before when it comes to trying to make money from home.

Is Commission Hero truly newbie friendly?

If you’ve never made anywhere near $1,000 in a day before as CH claims you can make with this, you would likely call BS to that.

But I’ve done way more than this in a day with the methods that are taught in Commissions Hero.

So I know first hand that this is certainly possible.

That $1,000 in a day is actually a gross profit figure.

The net profit from that is in the 40% range on up to a 200%+ range after fine-tuning ad campaigns.

However, with massive scaling, the ROI would drop back down to around 40% because of how much ad volume is being run which does affect ROI (return on investment on advertising).

So that $50,000 gross profit day that Robby had yielded around $20,000 in net profits, still, nothing to sneeze at.

Nothing is left out of Commission Hero.

Most marketing courses I’ve seen leave out the crucial bits and pieces that are really what is making its owners a fortune.

They give you 95% of the picture to make it appear as though you have everything you need to succeed.

But the last 5% they are leaving out are the crucial pieces needed to complete the picture to make the same earnings they are.

Usually, they do this because they don’t want to ruin what it is they are doing because their method is susceptible to massive market saturation.

With several hundred or even thousands of people doing the same thing the same way the same day, the pie can only be sliced up so many ways before no one is making any substantial money with a given method anymore, including the creator of the method course.

Market saturation is something that no one ever talks about, but it is one of the top reasons why so many people fail to make any money online.

A lot of these guys make a fortune with a new secret method that they keep all to themselves for years until it starts to fizzle out.

Then they make a course that shows how much you can earn using the same techniques that used to work really well for them.

However, the method is now dead or near dead, but they have the old income proof to act as if they are still making the same kind of money with that old and outdated method.

This is why income proof from even a year ago can’t be trusted.

This happens far more often than you’d think.

When an online income method is susceptible to saturation, everyone can’t do the same thing, the same way the same day without causing the entire method to quickly collapse.

In stark contrast, Commission Hero is not susceptible to over-saturation like this because there is just too much traffic to be had on Facebook to ever reach a point of market saturation.

Now, this doesn’t mean that specific ads and images don’t get worn out over a period of time and need to be slightly modified to stay fresh.

I’m talking about the actual methodology itself.

Even with 10s of 1000s of Commission Hero students doing exactly the same thing, it wouldn’t even scratch the surface of the potential that Facebook has in traffic volume.

Without the potential of market saturation for his specific business methodology, Robby Blanchard can expose the exact same methods (100%) he’s using himself to make over $50,000 per day without jeopardizing or even affecting his own multi-million dollar business, now or far into the future.

In other words, there is no reason for him to hide anything in how he is making over $50,000 per day.

This means that anyone can build their own business up this point as well.

It would just take a while if your resources were limited, but this can certainly be scaled up to that level eventually.

Facebook marketing can be a huge challenge if you don’t know what you are doing.

You can’t simply throw up an ad and start making money.

It doesn’t work that way with this or any other Facebook marketing methods.

Those ads will only end up being ignored by visitors and that’s if the ad even gets approved by FB in the first place.

This is why Robby’s step-by-step method is so critical in achieving success in marketing on Facebook.

Includes everything you need to succeed.

Once you’re inside of the Commission Hero member’s area, you will find an 11-module video course where Robby takes you through everything in a structured and simple way that’s easy to follow.

The Complete Commission Hero System:

In Commission Hero, you will get full access to the entire 3 step system for making commission online.

With tons of videos and done-for-you landing pages and ads.

Designed with the absolute internet marketing newbie in mind.

Complete Access To The Commission Hero Private Coaching Group:

Full support from everyone in the Commission Hero Group.

Be able to ask questions and get help fast 24/7.

Share your big wins and get help when you are frustrated!

This group is the lifeblood of this system because everyone in Commission Hero supports each other.

Million Dollar Ad Images:

Over 20 images are included that have made Robby millions of dollars himself.

These images are proven to work and are free with the course.

Use these images as inspiration for creating more images and fast track to success.

Complete Facebook Super Profits Training System:

You will get the Golden Goose.

Scaling tactics, how to get more ad accounts.

Credit card tricks, how to command higher commissions, and how to increase sales by 25%.

Complete Done-For-You Landing Pages:

Includes all of the landing pages that Robby has personally used to generate millions of dollars on Facebook.

You won’t waste time and you can just plug and play right away.

This will get you on the fast track to success!

The course starts off at the beginner level.

How to find the most profitable niches and goes over how to get the highest possible click-through rates from the ads.

What high converting pre-sell pages look like and how to make one for each niche you are targeting and choosing the offers that are proven to sell.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to create any products yourself, the system shows you how to find the best affiliate marketing products to sell where the owners of those products payout 50% to 90% of the sale to you.

After covering the basics, you will be ready to start running ads at first with a very low budget.

You will be shown how you can test and scale up as quickly as possible without losing a lot of money.

If the ad doesn’t work out, you would simply shut it off and only spend where you are getting the best results.

Commission Hero comes with a full 12-month money-back guarantee.

I highly recommend Commission Hero.

Go here to check it out:

Thanks for reading the review…

– David



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