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Commission Cash Code

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Commission Cash Code Review

by David Harris

Commission Cash Code by Blake Matthews is found at

They claim it’s a training system for online marketing through social media marketing techniques.

Many issues abound with this one.

Commission Cash Code is at the start, an affiliate program that pushes a plugin for WordPress that lets you put ads on Facebook pages’ walls.

This is to get emails for your list to promote more to the page owners.

One of the concerns found in CommissionCashCode is that once you pay the $43 dollars to join, they take you to page after page of “free trials” that they say go along with the program.

The trick here is to get you in, and have you add more of these programs “for free”.

This is really a caveat when your free trials expire and you got so many of them and forget to cancel them, you get charged automatically at the end of each one.

This little trick may cost you hundreds if not thousands.

Especially gimmicky is Commission Cash Code’s practice of going after those who are new to internet marketing.

These people frequently fall for the hype from the boiler room salespeople trying to upsell you to more expensive programs on top of all that.

So the $43 join fee is a kind of bait and switch commonly used in the IM industry and CommissionCashCode is no better than most.

The fact is, Facebook has not been very useful later in turning ads into sales.

Also, Facebook gets concerned about spam practices and this qualifies Commission Cash Code as that type of system.

You would still have to have a website for the plugin to work so there’s that added to the system.

Most experienced marketers that do have websites already have enough sense by now not to endanger their business using this ‘spammy’ technique.

CommissionCashCode fails to deliver as it is too broad, untargeted traffic is wasteful, plain, and simple, and their customer service lacks serious customer service.

Commission Cash Code may have a couple of things to teach but you have to be careful what you sign up for once inside.

And you also run the risk of your data getting sold to third-party clients.

I do not recommend Commission Cash Code.

There’s not much to be made from this system.

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Thomas Walker on :

This is a great review of the Commission Cash Code. I love this blog. I will be back soon. Thanks! ~ Tom


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