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Clickbank Pirate

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Income Potential: $1,000 per month to start
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Clickbank Pirate Review

by David Harris

“Clickbank Pirate”, by Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye and found at, is an online marketing business that showed promise but ultimately did not deliver.

Clickbank Pirate is supposed to run by itself once you set up the preliminary system requirements and create and launch your advertising campaigns, it has left out important components for it to work properly.

You do at least get hosting with five opt-in squeeze pages with a new one each month.

The preset auto-responder filled with thanks, follow-ups and more are just a bit out of date and they haven’t updated them.

It’s the same for the pre-sale reports they include to send to potential customers.

Clickbank Pirate also provides accurate sales tracking analysis and lots of advertising sources.

Clickbank Pirate also comes with additional upsell turn-key packages every month to get you to spend more money.

For the price of $67 signup fee and $37 per month, this system is a bit pricey.

Another feature offered by this company is that they also help you choose from many different markets and niche products that will greatly reduce your competition.

You are still expected to promote your own business to drive traffic to it, so the system is incomplete.

While Clickbank Pirate is very big on training, some of it is out of date and has not been updated.

Ideally, Clickbank Pirate would not only show you how to use the system, but their main goal should be to help you make your first thousand dollars with them and then to help you achieve more after. That is not so.

One of the things we don’t like about Clickbank Pirate is that there’s a bit of uber-hype on their front page but at least there are no slick sales guys showing off their mansions, private jets, and fancy cars.

Granted, their website and premise may look a little cheesy with the whole pirate thing. I like pirate stories as much as the next guy, but not to use it as a business design.

Seriously, although the pre-made squeeze pages they provide you are designed well enough the system they teach is no longer useful after all the Google algorithm changes.

At least Clickbank Pirate is honest about the fact that you won’t get rich overnight using their system, which is something many others conveniently leave out of their presentations.

Their sales page is what they take you to after the landing page with no details or explanations of the system in between and that’s a red flag.

Jordansen and Battye have decent reputations in this business from having built other successful programs. However, Clickbank Pirate falls short of the mark this time.

Clickbank Pirate is a teachable turnkey system for the new marketer and even intermediates, but most of their information is not up to today’s standards.

We gave Clickbank Pirate a shot early last year (Mar. 2013) and previously recommended it but it has turned out to be disappointing now.

We do not recommend it, and even if you find it’s not for you, it is sold through Clickbank so getting a refund is never a problem if you get it within 30 to 60 days through Clickbank.

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