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Cash Texts Review

by David Harris

Cash Texts found at can be a bit confusing at first.

Though they claim it’s not a matrix, it is based on a 2×10 matrix, which, if you’re familiar with this scheme.

It’s basic multi-level marketing at its, well, not worst, but not really all that solid.

In my opinion, it is a really bad business model, as much as it was an all-out scam.

It now looks like a buy ad space service but your leopards rarely change their spots.

That said, I’m annoyed to see that they once wanted you to go after your friends and family under Cash Texts.

I’m sure the business model didn’t change much with the change of business name.

The statement on the promo page I found that says you earn little to nothing for recruiting members or other referral agents sends another red flag in my mind.

You only get paid on products or services being used, sold, or purchased.

They ask that you refer your friends and family so that you can make more money.

My Paying Ads claims it works like a referral program so if you do decide to sign up you have to go through a referral link.

That way you will be paid 5 cents for every text you receive, and then 3 cents for the texts that your referrals receive down 5 levels.

Level 1 is your direct referrals, level two is their referrals, etc.

I find their payment method a bit strange.

The company pays through a cash, or debit card, but you must reach $5.00 initially, and they charge $5.00 for the cash card itself.

So reaching that first five dollars to pay for the card seems like an annoying gimmick.

My Paying Ads want you to provide your cell phone number and your e-mail address.

Then once you’re in with them they want your social security number.

Even though they are paying by gift card, and that is highly suspect to me.

The business model product of Cash Texts is text-based advertising.

You select how many texts to receive per day, up to 5 per day.

You can also select days of the week and business hours to receive texts.

Other parameters include selecting your favorite ads relevant to your interests from 16 categories into 102 sub-categories with a limit of 82 subcategories.

I could not find the corporate address to Cash Texts anywhere on their website or within their online disclosure documents.

Their domain registration info is private, and there is no other way to contact them by email, on their site.

The positive reviews I’ve found are almost identical shill promotions by those selling the service or looking to recruit for their downline.

The few experienced users I’ve found say they have not received the volume of text ads they were promised and aren’t making a lot of money with them yet.

I doubt anyone will get rich from Cash Texts unless they pester their many, many friends and family members to get their friends and family on the job at hand…

Or spend tons of money to make pennies in return.

I also doubt their claim that their advertising markets are three times bigger than Groupon’s, just starting this business fairly recently.

Furthermore, the name Cash Texts is a lot like the old scam site, Text Cash, which has definitely been deemed a scam by many experts.

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I don’t wish to cast guilt by association, but there are many work from home scams I’ve already reviewed that have similar names, which is most likely why they changed their name to My Paying Ads.

Although it is free to join at the start, My Paying Ads – Cash Texts is not enough to get me excited about that.

I personally would not engage in this service until they have had several more years of successful business.

“My Paying Ads – Cash Texts” isn’t so much a scam, but it is a complete waste of time and energy…

I’d pass if I were you.

We do not recommend My Paying Ads – Cash Texts.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David



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