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Cash Taking Surveys

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Cash Taking Surveys

by David Harris

“Cash Taking Surveys”, found at, is a get paid to take surveys website that gathers opinions and evaluate products for market research data.

There are many websites citing positive of Cash Taking Surveys, but they are mostly affiliate sites that only take you to their own affiliate link to the site.

I issue an important warning. You should be aware that signing up with any survey site like Cash Taking Surveys is that surveys companies mostly use them as a way of collecting your personal information.

Your data is sold to their clients who will then spam you with offers of their own. Like many other paid survey sites we warn you to stay away from Cash Taking Surveys charges a fee to join.

Cash Taking Surveys make you think you will be make a living doing surveys. Their sign up fee is $24.00 which is $24.00 too much. Worse, they offer it at a “discount”, which is a typical ploy to get you excited.

You should never pay to join sites like Cash Taking Surveys, because it’s already making money from reselling your personal information to others.

Also, with trials, you’re sent by Cash Taking Surveys to an offer which you have to pay for the product first in order to test it.

The problem with this is that you have to pay with a card in order to get their products out to you from the third party client and not from Cash Taking Surveys.

Problem with this is that you might forget to cancel when the trial is done. In that case, the third party clients whose product you just tested will charge you for the product.

This can end up costing you when testing several products spending more on the stuff than you’re actually making.

Cash Taking Surveys is counting on this, as they will make a profit through their client when you get charged.

Another important issue is that you won’t qualify for some surveys because their clients look for specific demographic parameters you may not fit.

Completed tasks you do may take a few weeks for Cash Taking Surveys to pay you. Making these big sums of money they claim you’ll make is an erroneous boast at best.

Beware of minimum payout limits as well. It may take you a while to reach it before you can get paid.

I do not recommend Cash Taking Surveys mostly because, as the title says, they are cash taking more than they are cash giving if you don’t jump through their hoops.

Thanks for reading

– David



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