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Cash Code

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Cash Code Review

by David Harris

Cash Code by Michael Jones, found at, is an internet marketing program based on many of Jones’ previous “Code” named programs he keeps hashing out.

Jones has made millions with his affiliate marketing systems and through selling products about how he does it on eBay.

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He also makes his money reselling users’ personal info to 3rd party clients, and he lets you know right on his Cash Code and other sites’ disclaimers.

He states that by just even “communicating with the site you give your permission to collect, archive, retrieve, and otherwise use any information collected as the site sees fit and may be publicized for commercial purposes.”

The reselling of users’ addresses, numbers, names, emails, and consumer practices, and more is a huge industry that generates billions of spam emails on a regular basis in hopes that you’ll buy said 3rd parties’ products or services.

Jones’ Cash Code even has you waive your rights to file complaints just by engaging with them in any way and admit they will keep spamming you anyway.

None of the “As Seen On” logos at the top of the Cash Code first page (such as Google, Facebook, and all) go to anything.

So you can’t really see if it’s actually true, that tells you a lot without saying anything.

Cash Code also tells you in the disclaimers that they do not even guarantee you can make any money online with them.


Though that’s a standard disclaimer that all online businesses use, they use it as an excuse when their members make nothing.

Meaning that they don’t even have to try to produce something that has a chance of producing results.

So basically, the scheme is all about you spending loads on it and the upsells for little to no chance of making money online from home with Cash Code.

Since practically no one ever reads that pesky small print, Michael Jones keeps raking in the bucks by selling incomplete systems that most beginners won’t understand that they will never understand.

Because most experienced marketers already know a lot more about the process he sells, they avoid stuff like Cash Code.

So his market is focused on unsuspecting newbies.

Granted, there is a lot of information in the Cash Code training section.

However, like most of these programs, it leaves out certain information in the process that can keep you from succeeding.

These important details needed are also a point of contention with most of his previous systems by unhappy customers who have tried to use them to no avail.

Now, despite all that, you can take what Cash Code teaches and learn a thing or two.

They can at least get you set up for your own website in a matter of hours.

Cash Code does provide products, sales materials and pages, banners, and an autoresponder for email follow-ups.

The initial cost, after you try to exit and the pop-ups bring the price down, is $57.

Another complaint many have in common is that Cash Code and Jones are extremely persistent in hounding you to get the system once they have you in their sights.

Another is the lack of real details in the instructional videos, and yet another is how Cash Code just lacks in value for the money spent.

One thing is for Michael Jones to be a successful marketer and another is what he keeps from everyone throughout all his courses including The Adwords Code, The Clickbank Code, and The Affiliate Code.

As successful as he is at marketing, there are very few extolling praises about Cash Code and the others making them any kind of substantial earnings at all.

The multiple daily emails often annoy enough to drive people away, but sometimes it can wear them down to try Cash Code in spite of themselves.

That is most likely why he is so successful with Cash Code and the other systems even though many say they are all rehashes of each previous one.

However, you will at least not have too much of a problem getting a refund back.

That is one thing people have not had issues with at Cash Code.

Cash Code may or may not really generate enough to make money working from home full time for you online and they do state that you could lose quite a bit of money.

There are a lot of systems out there that give you more than Cash Code for your investment, but really, hard work and longevity win out every time.

At least be wary of anyone that keeps bringing out a different “Code” named products so frequently it makes one’s head spin.

You actually get something for the money spent and there is a fund to be had.

It’s not a scam, but I absolutely do not recommend Cash Code.

Thanks for reading the review…

– David


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