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Cap Rewards Review

By David Harris

“Cap Rewards”, found at, is a website that claims you can make as much as $10,000 dollars per month and more. While it looks like a pro designed site, the claims are a bit of fantasy.

If it was indeed true that you could make that much in just 5 minutes a day, as they claim, then the economy would not be as bad as it is, because everybody would be doing it.

Truth is that any company that claims you will make that much will usually direct you on their site to a 1099 form the government issues for independent contracted workers. Instead, all “Cap Rewards” asks you is your name and email then want you to pay a $50 membership fee. In addition you’ll be paying them for transaction fees, too.

Link posting scams are the oldest cons in the internet book, and ‘Cap Rewards’ just skirts the sides. They rig their system to frustrate you, most likely in hopes that you give up and leave money on the table. Ads you place, or ‘post’ online through THEIR set of instructions can sometimes be rejected by THEIR own system, and that’s just the start.

Cap Rewards has other ways to get you posting ads for them without crediting you or paying you. The reasons for rejection they give are often so arbitrary and seem so made up that it raises warning signs of more trouble ahead.

Signs like meeting with rudeness and vagaries when dealing with their poor customer service, for lack of a better term, are everywhere in this company.

If you opt for the free membership, it will take several months to get your required $100 minimum credits for posting ads required, and often Cap Rewards do not credit you for some of them for one reason or another.

With all these issues come hundreds, if not thousands, of user complaints you can find pretty much everywhere online.

There are a lot of restrictions, limits and conditions in order to make any money with Cap Rewards, and it takes a bit of time before you can see any results.

However, for all the hoop jumping you have to do for insubstantial earnings you can’t make a living off, I have to go with a not recommended on Cap Rewards.

I wouldn’t call it a scam, as there are folks who claim they make some money with it, but you could spend your time better on more worthwhile things.

I do not recommend “Cap Rewards”.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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