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Business Internet Coach

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Business Internet Coach

by David Harris

“Business Internet Coach”, by Kaption Media and found at, is a lead generating website for a Multi-Level Marketing company called Vemma.

What a lead capturing company does is collect contact information from your prospects to share with you and the venture partner they work with.

In this case, Business Internet Coach claims to have a training kit to work online from home with an MLM business that focuses on recruiting members to your downline.

You can also sell their products as the secondary income stream but Verve, the product Vemma peddles, is problematic in its false promotions targeting college students, as well as their promises of health benefits.

Business Internet Coach’s so called training kit will be useless to you unless you already have a substantial amount of downline traffic. They somehow manage to leave that out, though.

If you got involved with Business Internet Coach, anybody you send their promo/capture pages to will receive a link to Vemma’s training kit and a sell link to join at $10 bucks.

Then, Vemma will charge about $40 if you don’t cancel and return the kit after their trial offer and a recruiter follows up with aggressive upsell methods.

We at ScamXposer do not advocate getting involved in multi level marketing as the failure rate tends to average around 97% to 99%, making mlm a terrible business model.

The reason for this is that most people have no idea or resources to amass a huge list of people that will follow them down that path, so no matter how good the hype is, Business Internet Coach will not be fruitful for most.

There are serious complaints you can find online about Vemma and its parent company so you will be better off unsubscribing from every site list including Business Internet Coach, Vemma and Kaption Media before it gets worse.

You can find their unsubscribe links at the bottom of their web pages. By worse I mean that their boiler room people have been known to get thousands of dollars out of gullible people eager to buy the get rich quick hype.

The worst thing about the Business Internet Coach and Vemma hounds is that they call themselves coaches and the upsells are disguised as “one on one coaching sessions”.

Incidentally, there are other reviews elsewhere on this site about other shady lead generation schemes that push Vemma, so Business Internet Coach is just another in a long line of them.

Some of these include the notorious Eric’s Success Plan, My Middleman Success Plan, Global Pro System, and Vemma Builder.

Business Internet Coach uses the name ZynTravel in the disclaimer and Home Based Business at the top of the landing page.

The disclaimer also states suspiciously that Wyoming, Wisconsin and North Dakota prohibit Business Internet Coach from doing business there.

One other way these schemes including Business Internet Coach make money is by reselling not only the personal info you give them but everybody that opts in to the capture pages you promote online.

Of course they won’t admit it but they do, so expect more spam emails from their third party clients in your inbox if you join Business Internet Coach.

In addition to paying out the Business Internet Coach and Vemma join fees, you also have to buy their highly caffeinated drinks whose nutritional qualities are questionable at best.

So besides buying the bulk drinks to sell, you are encouraged to spend more money on buying ad spots and promo space which could leave you deeply in the red with slim chance of profit.

Then there is the possibility that your conscience may trouble you from trying to convince others to take this very risky chance while keeping the truth from them like your Business Internet Coach recruiter did to you.

Put it all together and you can see why we do not recommend Business Internet Coach and all the others we’ve reviewed. It’s just not good business sense.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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