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Bring The Fresh

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Bring The Fresh – Business Review

Bring The Fresh, by Kelly Felix and Mike Long, and found at, is a rehashed “training system” that is really only about tons of upsells. You can pretty much find what they purport to “teach” on many other sites for a cheaper price, but there are by far better programs you can buy elsewhere.

Bring The Fresh weakly under-delivers what their system promises. Much of what is in the members’ area are just videos of the owners talking on and on without really showing exactly what you need to do to be successful using their system.

In fact, this system only has a one percent success rate among its users. I can see why: the website looks like an afterthought and there’s not much navigation in it. What it really comes down to is a lot of general knowledge found and taught much clearer on other sites elsewhere.

The main source of their income is, of course, selling you on more expensive programs, or as they say in the “business”, upselling. None of the programs they try to upsell you to really help you make a difference in earning a substantial living, therefore, we deem it unworthy of spend the high amounts they charge.

At the regular billing of a $97 “one time fee” you can certainly do a LOT better than this system. Especially since it is not what they claim. They offer a “$7 dollar trial”, but if you don’t cancel in time you will get billed $66 or so monthly without notice.

However, since it is a Clickbank affiliated product, you can get your refund through them better than you can through Bring The Fresh. Many unhappy customers have registered complaints online of being abused and hassled by the so called customer “service”, to the point of being called stupid, only to have to resort to getting their refund from Clickbank.

I’m sure by now you’ve guessed that we will not be bringing a fresh recommendation to Bring The Fresh. Quite the contrary, actually, as we don’t wish to see any of our readers get ripped off. Yet because they are a Clickbank product, we won’t call it a scam outright since you can get refunded through them, but why go through the hassle?

It’s just easier to stay away from Bring The Fresh. There’s nothing “fresh” about it.

Thanks for reading…

– David



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