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Breakthrough Adsense Profits

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Breakthrough Adsense Profits

by David Harris

“Breakthrough Adsense Profits”, by Bryan Harkins and Shane Farrell and found at, is an educational eBook on building websites that make money with Adsense. There are certain flaws we will look at here.

This Breakthrough Adsense Profits online marketing training course eBook claims to show you how Adsense can make you money without having to use social media and search engines, however, Adsense is risky at best.

Adsense is known for banning users with no explanations, and it is almost impossible to get a hold of anyone there to help you, therefore, using Breakthrough Adsense Profits is very risky.

Breakthrough Adsense Profits is a run of the mill eBook that really offers nothing that would justify the title “breakthrough”.

All Breakthrough Adsense Profits has is an upsell to an equally useless product called “Create, Launch, Profit” and webinars and email training course.

There are far better learning systems available online that use less dicey ways to make extra money online from home.

Breakthrough Adsense Profits claims to help you with free traffic sources to drive traffic back to a website that’s monetized with adsense.

However, anything you see on Breakthrough Adsense Profits can be found elsewhere for free, and you are better off engaging in more recognized methods such as affiliate marketing.

The videos that Breakthrough Adsense Profits are nothing more than motivation rather than marketing lessons, and that can get annoying when you’re actually looking to learn something.

The Breakthrough Adsense Profits eBook is a just the basics course divided into segmented parts that cover creating sales funnels, keyword targeting, website setups, etc.

Breakthrough Adsense Profits’ modules cover things well enough, but they leave out a lot more information that you will need to know to succeed at making money from home online.

Besides, the Adsense issues, Breakthrough Adsense Profits has several outmoded methods included that keep it from being a serious online marketing training course.

Some of these include using article directories, which went out of use years ago and the search engines can all detect your use of these and penalize you or even ban you.

Short articles with back links are also out of date, as well as overused PLR products which many people already use are other examples Breakthrough Adsense Profits has in their course.

Although Adsense is one way bloggers use to monetize their website, getting sufficient traffic to generate income is a lot harder then understanding how it works.

One would wonder why Breakthrough Adsense Profits would chose to sell such poor money making strategies instead of useful ways like affiliate marketing or others that could generate much more money through much safer methods.

The hype thrown about on the first page really doesn’t get into any specifics or details of what you would be doing, exactly, but the Warrior Plus checkout page sure takes you right to their Breakthrough Adsense Profits PayPal buy page.

Breakthrough Adsense Profits has no support at all, so getting help is impossible even if you have any questions about the lessons.

Breakthrough Adsense Profits has more unsound and out dated methods in it that really does not justify even the seven dollars they now offer the course for.

Besides all those other risky methods, we have mentioned that Adsense can be just as dicey if you are not careful, but it’s not a scam. It was definitely phoned in though.

In most cases, people have learned to put up ad blocking apps now so chances of being seen are few and far between.

There are just too many sites like Breakthrough Adsense Profits that offer limited training that it usually gets lost in a sea of them.

However, we got enough votes for us to review it and have found that we do not recommend Breakthrough Adsense Profits. There are no breakthroughs here.

Thanks for reading…

– David


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