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Bitcoin Funding Team

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Bitcoin Funding Team

by David Harris

“Bitcoin Funding Team”, by Thomas Dluca and found at, is a cash gifting scheme that is actually a Multi-Level Marketing scheme disguised as a bitcoin trading business opportunity con.

While that may sound like a mouthful, it is all that and less. I say less because you will definitely find a lot less money in your account by getting involved with them.

Now, at this point our faithful readers know we never recommend MLMs. That is because of many factors.

For one, the only ones who ever make any real money on them are the top architects of the scams and their chief conspirators, otherwise known as the top “distributors”.

Do not be fooled by those down the chain who boast that they are making heaps of money, because the minute you ask them for proof they go poof.

Regarding, this particular gimmick-ridden nightmare, there is a lot of promotion online about this Bitcoin Funding Team, very little of which should be believed.

However, if you look throughout their presentation pages you will find nothing of real value in the way of useful information on what they’re really about.

That said, there are certain clues such as the crowdfunding blurbs that really have nothing to do with the legitimate field of that nature, even though they mention those to throw their lot in with them.

They even go so far as to posting a video on how GoFundMe works when in reality this con game couldn’t be more different. I’d even venture that the video is used without their permission.

Unless you know where to look, it will be tough to find any real vitals on who founded and owns the site or their address as that info is kept private.

That usually smells like a stinking red flag when schemes like Bitcoin Funding Team are hiding who to go after when things go wrong, as they usually do.

Also, the site’s domain name was registered in February of this year, however, after some digging we found that the web site is hosted by a defunct business’s domain which went belly up late last year.

That scheme, 2ForSuccess has a domain name this is also parked for sale, meaning they are no longer in business, another red flag.

Former members of the dead business are involved in marketing the new con-game and have leaked that the founder is Thomas Dluca.

He was involved in other failed ones that were designated pyramid schemes and decided to be at the top of this vicious chain than be an affiliate for others.

The main objection that makes Bitcoin Funding Team a cash fifting scheme is that there are absolutely no products to sell at retail value to customers as others like vitamin drink MLMs do.

How the scheme works, or doesn’t eventually, is that you will need to gift cash deposits to members above you in a 2×5 matrix program through the use of cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has been around for a long time and is now gathering popularity, especially among those who use it for criminal activities, like Russian mobsters and drug cartels, for example.

To be fair, though, bitcoin is traded for the most part by honest investors and reputable brokers and that is why it is imperative that you do serious research before getting involved in it.

A lot of fly-by-night flim flam companies are sprouting up selling all of the hype and none of the genuine, and this one falls into that barrel of spoiled apples.

If you are wondering if this is a scam, I sadly have to say no because you may get a small return at first, but the failure rate of multi level marketing ventures is up around 98%.

Bitcoin Funding Team hides in donation based language to try and get away with their cash gifting activities, which are illegal in the US.

However, because they use bitcoin as their leverage, this currency type is so new that authorities have no specific laws to go after them as of yet.

This loophole allows Dluca and his top henchmen to reap all the benefits from their unsuspecting victims.

There is no way we will ever recommend Bitcoin Funding Team. It skirts the scam line so close you can smell one.

Thanks for reading

– David


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